Why the Diversity Visa Program is one of the best in the world

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to migrate to the United States. Whether for work, education, or family, the country holds great potential for anyone lucky enough to get a US Visa or Green Card

One of the best ways to do this is through the Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa Program. At the US Green Card Office, we believe it’s one of the best immigration programs in the world. Here’s why

1. It really is diverse

As the name implies, the Green Card Lottery is all about diversity. While many immigration programs claim this, it’s actually true for this one, thanks to its entry requirements.

For a country to be eligible, it mustn’t have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the past five years. So, while the countries change yearly, the actual diversity element remains, just as Congress intended.

2. It’s open to everyone

Many visa programs favor the educated or wealthy, which makes them quite restrictive. The Diversity Visa Program, however, is open to everyone. Aside from the entry requirements, it means you don’t need to come here with a degree or to study or to have vast amounts of personal wealth.

It’s one of the few visa programs in the world where the average person can immigrate legally to the country. This idea resonates deeply with American values and gives everyone the chance to make a better life for themselves.

3. It gives you plenty of options

Again, unlike other visa programs, there’s no restriction on what you can do with a Green Card. You can live, work or study using it, rather than only having access to one or two of these things.

While it might not seem like a massive difference, it makes sense in relation to point 2. The Green Card Lottery is the right choice for anyone who wants to keep their options open when migrating to the USA.

4. It’s easy to do (when you do it right)

The Diversity Visa Program application is easy enough to complete if you know what you’re doing. Up to 65% of applicants get their cases rejected because of small mistakes that are completely avoidable.

But, when you use the value-added service through the US Green Card Office, you can avoid these issues. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply, and our specialist immigration team will guide you through the process and check all your forms before they’re sent off.

Importantly, this means your application is guaranteed to be accepted, giving you the best chance of a new life in America.


So, if you want to start afresh in one of the best countries in the world, now is the time to apply for the Green Card Lottery. Using our service gives you the best chance of success and is incredibly easy to do.

Get ready to live your dream of moving to America. Apply today.

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