Why should you choose US Green Card Office?

Let’s have look at why it’s so important to use a professional immigration service to assist you with your Green Card lottery application for the upcoming Diversity Visa Program.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, is a program established by the US Government for people who are looking to get permanent residency in the United States so they can live and work there legally. The DV Lottery program is based on the 1990 Immigration Act put into law by President George Bush.

A US Green Card is the most popular permanent resident card in the world because it opens doors to hundreds of thousands of people who want to reside in the United States every year.

Undoubtedly, The United States of America is the most popular country for immigrants from different parts of the world, and also why so people move to the United States every year to live their American Dream!

The American Dream - How to win a Green Card

The DV lottery is an excellent way to get easy access to a Green Card, which is the most sought-after permanent resident card for immigrants. Some would say people who win the Green Card Lottery are the luckiest people on Earth.

The Department of States issues 50,000 Green Cards every year. Each year, millions apply for the DV Lottery but only 50,000 applicants are selected through a random draw made by the US Government.

Remember, the screening process involves reviewing the applications, and inclusion depends on the accuracy of the form’s information. Therefore, hundreds of thousands are rejected during the initial screening review process.

Although applying to the DV lottery is free, most people lose their chance of getting selected. The reason is quite obvious: incomplete or errored applications and photos.

This is where the US Green Card Office comes to the rescue. We are a reputable immigration office that has assisted millions of applicants to reach the final draw successfully. Read on!


Our qualified and professional immigration team has over 22 years of experience with US Immigration. We have a vast knowledge of how the
DV Lottery works and how to make your application process successful.

Our immigration team will guide you through the entire application preparation process. We will also gather all necessary documents required when filing the DS-260 after your application has been selected and will even assist you and your family with the Visa Interview at the American Embassy.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who understand immigration laws and legislation. We know how the policy works and how to increase the chances of winning the DV lottery program for all our applicants. That’s guaranteed

Process Management

We manage the entire application process from start to finish. Our team has extensive knowledge and years of experience that will help you save time from the daunting ask of documents collection, compilation, and organization. Our mission is to save you valuable time, effort, and money.

The US Green Card Office offers personalized assistance to immigrants seeking to live, study or work in the United States. If you are serious about winning the DV lottery, then we can help you navigate effectively through the various complexities of the visa application process.

Eligibility Confirmation

As mentioned earlier, the US Green Card Office guides you step by step from application submission, filing the DS-250 after being selected, preparing you for the consular visa interview, and we even assist you when moving to the United States.

While millions are rejected in the initial stages of the program, you will be getting ready to live the American dream. The eligibility requirements include your education and work qualification. We will ensure all documents are well-prepared, and our team will confirm your eligibility before you apply.

Visa Interview Assistance

Green Card Visa Interview

Remember, the interview is an important step of the entire process. The interview is the touchstone of the whole visa process, and we ensure you succeed in it.

If you live outside the U.S, we will apply for your visa interview to be held at the U.S consulate or Embassy.

The US Green Card Office ensures your application is received and processed by the Department of States. We will prepare all necessary documents, including your birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical and police clearance certificate.

Our team will ensure your documents are submitted on time so that the consulate can schedule your interview as soon as possible. Once your interview is successful, you will be granted the visa. The US Green Card Office also offers traveling services to smoothness your experience on your way to the United States. You can even add our “travel expenses paid” insurance to your application to avoid unexpected expenses when moving to the United States.

All of this including peace of mind hassle-free application processing you will get for only $80.00 as a single and $120.00 as a family. All government fees are of course included in our application fee. So let your American Dream come true and apply today.

Are you still curious? Then have a look Michael video about the upcoming Diversity Visa Program to get a better understanding on why it’s so important to apply as soon as possible.

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