Green Card Photo Requirements

An essential element of your Green Card application is your photograph, without which your application will be rejected outrightly. Despite it being a crucial factor in whether you are approved or not, many applicants do not pay enough attention to the Green Card photo requirements, and unsurprisingly, they end up getting disqualified.

In fact, statistics show that as much as 65 percent of all applicants make the mistake of using a free lottery service, and as a result, they do not meet the Green Card photo requirements. By failing to take the photo upload seriously, you are setting yourself up for failure because there are several guidelines that have to be followed.

For your Green Card application to be approved, it is important to ensure that you use a photo that can be approved by the US government, and this is where paid immigration services come to the rescue. With years of experience, these Green Card experts are very much familiar with all the Green Card photo requirements that US authorities have put in place.

Why was my application not successful?

Many applicants are not successful with the Green Card Lottery Service because they use the free service, which means that they have a much higher chance of making mistakes. In the absence of experts who can guide you through your application, you are likely to have errors that will lead to the rejection of your application.

Even something that seems as simple as meeting Green Card photo requirements is where many applicants make mistakes. Unless your application is 100 percent correct and error-free, even the tiniest mistake will lead to rejection. 

Green Card Photo Requirements

Green Card Photo Requirements to remember.

Here are a few common reasons that 65 percent of applicants have their applications rejected:

  • Providing incorrect persona information on the application form
  • Uploading photo that is more than six months old
  • Uploading photo that is out of focus or blurry
  • Uploading photo that is of incorrect pixel size
  • Uploading photo that is not 50 x 50 mm before being scanned
  • Uploading photo that is scanned in low resolution
  • Uploading photo that is not taken on a natural white background
  • Uploading photo where applicants are not facing the camera
  • Uploading photo where applicants’ head size is oversized.

All applications are evaluated for more than 45 pitfalls, and 65 percent of all applicants are disqualified because they simply believe their application was 100 percent correct.

Benefits of a Paid Service

For your application to not be disqualified, your best chance is to use the paid immigration service. Winning the Diversity Visa Program is not something that US authorities take lightly, and they go through a rigorous process to ensure that all the approved applications meet each and every requirement.

With a paid service, you will have experts providing you a step-by-step guide for your application and you will receive advice in your own language, so there is no room for miscommunications. Your Green Card photo requirements are verified by experts, so you can be confident that you haven’t made any errors that could lead to rejection. 

You will also have customer support from immigration experts through online phone, chat, and email. The paid services are also open for registration at any time of the day, all 365 days of the year, and you have a 65 percent higher chance of having a successful application and winning the Green Card Lottery.

So, if your dream is to move to the United States and live and work there, alone or with your family, make sure you use a paid immigration service to ensure that you meet all Green Card photo requirements and other guidelines necessary for approval. We also recommend to check latest information and updates on the US Green Card Office X (Twitter) account

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