US immigration law

Important information about the US immigration law

Since prehistoric times, people have been migrating from one place to another either for business or personal purposes. The term immigration means that when people move from one nation to another to settle down there permanently.

The people, who move to a new place, are not citizens of that country. But when they stay there permanently for a long time, they can acquire the permanent residence of that nation called immigration. However, people traveling on tourist visa or for short term stay are not termed as immigrants.

The immigration law indicates towards the policies of the government to control the phenomenon of immigration of the nation concerned. Immigration laws are closely associated with the nationality laws which largely concern the legal status of the people in that country. To be precise, immigration laws are different only from one country to another but are also based on the political policies of the government concerned.

Most of the countries have strict laws regarding immigration of the foreign people to their soil. These laws are relating to the entry of foreigners into their country, right to work there, indulge in government of the country and many other aspects. However there is a formal and legal procedure for immigrants to get permanent residency of foreign countries over a period of time.

The various immigration policies of a nation are closely related to immigration laws. These vary from free immigration where permission is granted for migration to wherein no migration is allowed at all

Due to immigration of foreigners in the United State of America, there is huge rise in the population and also there is a cultural shift over a period.

The laws of immigration often give rise to various controversies related to race, religion, nationalities, social mobility, work habits and many more.  Nowadays, US accept more legal and authorized immigrants as its permanent residents than the rest of the world combined. Thus it is important to know the US immigration law to be a citizen of US.

It would be easier to file for permanent residency, if you approach a proficient and an experienced lawyer. He would take care of all the legal formalities and complete the paper work in accordance to US immigration law. It might sound like a tedious job but once your paper work is ready, it would be a cake walk. Consulting an immigration expert can help you in these ways:


1)    He would rather analyze all the facts of your case and go through them properly and thoroughly to see if anything is missing or skipped.

2)    He would explain you the advantages of the scheme you are eligible in detail.

3)    He recommends you the optimum ways for obtaining the legal status.

4)    He would explain you to complete and submit your application in a proper way without any delays.

5)    You are also briefed about the new laws which may affect you and your family in future.

To work and live in United States of America is a dream of every ambitious professional. Follow your dreams and get the green card by following the US immigration law ethically.

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