US green card residency

us green card for residency

US green card residency

USA is considered as a land of opportunities due to which it is a dream of many around the world to obtain US citizenship.

It is considered a dream mainly because not only there are decent paying jobs but also other great facilities including education and health that raise the standard of living.

Due to this reason many are ready to struggle to get a US green card.

A US green card is basically a permanent visa for US, and once an individual has obtained it, he has the right to live in US on a permanent basis. Moreover, such individual also has access to the facilities that are provided in US such as health and education along with a work permit which is the icing on the cake.

Perhaps the best thing about a US green card is that an individual does not have to forgo his citizenship from another country for it. This means that a person can have an Indian citizenship while having a green card which means that he has access to two countries.

Following are some of the ways in which an individual can get a US green card. Such ways are not quite easy due to which you need to choose a way that is the most convenient to you.

Get a sponsor

The first option to get a US green card is by getting a sponsor. Such sponsor can be an employer who is working in US and is ready to employ you which means that in order to avail your services he will have to get you a work permit to work in US. This option works best if you have several unique certifications and degrees that make you a valuable asset to US. The medical field is currently booming in US at the booming and this is the reason why so many people are developing skill sets in this particular field just to get residency in US.


Another way of obtaining a US green card is by identifying some relatives who have US citizenship. Such relatives can either be your spouse, children or even step children. It would be best if you could first check with the Immigration Services regarding the reliability of your relatives to go further in the process of getting a US green card. There are certain age and other criteria restricted on relatives that may also have to be checked.

Invest in US

If you are wealthy and in a good position financially then it is quite logical that you will get your green card easily. This is mainly because US government wants people who are stable and do not turn out to be a liability on the government. All you need is $500,000 which would allow you to create employment for 5 other individuals in US on a full time basis.

Special cases

Some special cases where one can obtain a US green card are on the basis of seeking asylum from a country where he is facing troubles and is being subject to violence. Refugees may also be given a US green card.

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