Top 10 Reasons to Move to the USA

(1) The “Can Do” Attitude of Americans

The Can Do Attitude of Americans If there’s one thing every American has, it’s an abundance of positivity. It’s called the “Land of Opportunity” for a reason. The country as a whole was founded on the belief that anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to, no matter who they are. It’s hardly surprising that Americans would be free from self-doubt and negativity given that. Expats can expect to be greeted by friendly and welcoming people ready to help new arrivals get settled in. Most American towns have a strong sense of community, so don’t be surprised when your neighbors lend a helping hand or just greet you in the street. They might even be willing to help you make the move!


With around 200 different nationalities living in the United States, the country has learned to embrace and accept diversity. Not only will you make friends with plenty of Americans, but you can expect to meet people from the world over. Maybe you’ll even run into a few expats who came from your home country. Tolerance and positivity are vital to having a good experience as an expat, and so the American enthusiasm for “getting ‘er done” deserves to be the main reason to move there. So let your dream come true and apply for upcoming Green Card Lottery today!

(2) Healthcare

USA HealthcareThe healthcare system in the United States is arguably one of the best in the world. The country is filled with well-funded hospitals manned by well-trained staff, with world-leading medical innovation that means you’ll be sure to get great treatment when you need it. Around 90% of all medical innovations made since 1975 can be attributed to the United States. America is also the world leader in dental care with some of the cleanest, brightest, smiles around.

As you might expect, such a high standard of care comes with a high cost. Many expats are worried about how much healthcare will cost on the USA. Employers generally offer great dental and medical policies as part of their salary packages though, and these programs can cover partners and children.


(3) Education

United States EducationIf you will be taking children with you to the US, then you want to ensure they get a high quality education. Rest assured that the quality of education in the United States is so high that we count at is one of the top 10 reasons to move the USA. There are public and state schools available, and there are institutions that follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum if you want to get them a similar education to what they’d get at home. No matter what you go with, you can be sure that your child will get a great education and earn qualifications recognized across the world.

If you have older children or are considering going back into education yourself, then the American college system is world-renowned. Rankings from the QS World University rankings show that 20 of the best colleges in the world are in the US.


(4) Economic Strength of America

The economic strength of the United States has helped the country make it through financial crisis and global depression. The US dollar is the primary reserve country recognized around the world, a sign of how stable, reliable, and respected it is. A survey of OECD countries showed Americans have the highest average household income in the world too.

Despite the high incomes, America is a relatively inexpensive country to live in. It was ranked number one for affordability and food security in a Global Food Security Index ranking. Expats are sure to find that they spend less on food and fuel than they are now. Housing costs are also lower than in other wealthy nations thanks to the abundance of land, and relatively low cost for that land.

(5) Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities in USAAmericans as a people work hard and take pride in doing so. Earning a living is something that every American takes pride in, so much so that only 5.5% of Americans are unemployed. The USA is also regularly among to the top five countries for workforce productivity.

Employers in the US are willing to cast their eyes overseas to find the best talent to benefit their business. If you’ve got a skill that an American company needs, they’ll go out of their way to help you, from helping to arrange a visa to helping find a home. Once in the States, you can enjoy the job security and satisfaction the average American does. If you prove yourself and show a good work ethic, you’ll have an incredible career in the country. Australian employees in particular are valuable to American employees because of their shared language.



(6) Room to Breathe

Room to BreatheThere’s no getting over the fact that the USA is gigantic. Just the state of Texas alone is three times the size of the UK. Americans have over twice as much average living space as an EU resident. That leads to better land prices and property prices. There are some exceptions though, such as high-demand areas like New York City

All that room means that America has plenty to explore and enjoy as well. The USA boasts over 200,000 square miles of National Parkland and protected areas to enjoy. If you ever feel like getting away, then the USA has you covered.



(7) Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty USANot only does the United States have an abundance of wide open spaces, but those spaces are incredibly beautiful. There are lakes the size of a small country, mountain ranges to climb up and ski down, and coastlines spanning two oceans. There are so many great natural wonders to explore in America, from the Grand Canyon to the Everglades, that you’ll have trouble choosing where to begin.

The 58 National Parks and endless list of managed parks and wilderness areas in the United States are populated by diverse ecosystems. The country is home to 428 different mammal species, 606 different reptiles and amphibians, and some 784 different birds.



(8) The Weather in United States

The Weather in USAThe vast size of America means that you’re sure to find a climate that suits you. From the endless sunny days of California, to the cold winters of Alaska, the US has everything. There are some tropical regions and desert plains too, if that’s what you like. Of course, there’s no guarantee the barbecue won’t get rained out, but you’re less likely to have that happen in Miami than in, say, Manchester.





(9) Great American Food

Great American FoodAmericans take their food and drink seriously. America is home to over 200,000 restaurants, with dishes from across the world to suit all tastes and budgets. Even the smallest of towns will have their own independent serious restaurateurs serving up delicious food in a family friendly environment.

Even breakfast is the chance to take a culinary adventure in the US. Their national dishes might seem simple, but not many countries can boast to have perfected the hamburger or macaroni cheese quite like the US. They are also the gold standard when it comes to customer service. You’re sure to get speedy service with a smile when you dine in the United States.



(10) Travel Opportunities

USA Travel OpportunitiesWith all there is to see and do in the United States, you’ll never want to leave. Between taking a city break in Seattle or New York, to relaxing on the coasts of California and Florida, there’s a lot to do when the holidays come around. If this sounds predictable, then why not try skiing in the Rockies, riding a horse through Yosemite, or just admiring the autumn foliage in New England?

If you do fancy dusting off your passport, then there’s plenty to enjoy right next door. Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean islands are all within a few hours of the United States and they all make for ideal locations for getaways.

If you’ve been convinced to give the USA a go and you’re interested in finding out more, take a look at our country state guide here;


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