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B1 Visa: The Non-Immigration USA Business Visa for the United States

Those who intend to travel to the US for a short-term business reason apply for a USA business visa. It is not necessary to apply for a business visa Under the Visa Waiver Program, making it a more suitable option for shorter trips.

At the US Green Card Office, we often get asked about B1 visas. While it’s not our specific area of business, we thought we’d put together some information on the visa program to clarify things.

What is the B1 Visa?

The B1 visa is officially known as a Temporary Business Visitor visa. It entitles the holder to enter the USA legally for business reasons. It’s part of the same visa category as tourism and so has different requirements from things like green cards.

Some large and established companies that send many employees with business visas can qualify for the Executive Business Program. There is no annual fee for a business visa. A business visa is suitable for a variety of business activities such as:

  • Attending a conference
  • Business meetings
  • Traveling for a convention
  • Settling an estate
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Attending training

Some people might require a B1 visa to pass through the US for business reasons. This isn’t always the case and will often depend on your home country. Your employer or consulate can advise you further as to whether this applies to you.

You can check the USCIS website for more specific information about the B1 visa.

Eligibility and B1 Application

As with any other American visa, there are certain requirements you must meet for a B1 visa. They’re less strict than for immigration visas like a green card, but you must demonstrate the following:

  • You’re entering the US for legitimate business
  • You have evidence of the specific timeframe for your trip
  • You have the necessary funds to cover business expenses
  • You have a permanent residence outside of the US that you don’t plan to abandon
  • You’re allowed into the country (e.g. you don’t have a criminal record)

The money issue is an important one with the B1 visa. Generally, you’ll be paid for a business trip by your business. But, you must not be working for an American business or receive money from one during your trip.

For example, you work for a multinational in India and need to attend your company’s conference in the USA. Your employer is still the Indian company, and they must be the ones to pay you.

You can apply for a B1 visa through your country’s American consulate or embassy. As with other visa applications, this can take some time, and you must have your evidence ready when you apply.

You must apply for a business visa within 2 months of the travel date. You need to plan your trip in advance and should not buy airline tickets until you have your visa. If the conference is of a scientific nature or you have a scientific background, you must make your application at least 90 days before the trip.

Waiting times vary between consulates, and additional delays may be caused by security reviews or administrative processing, which in some cases may be required after the interview. Regardless of the strength of your case, you should not automatically assume that you will receive the visa.

Early Business Visa Appointment

Some consulates have what’s called an urgent appointment or an emergency appointment. Similarly, you might find they have procedures for planning an expedited appointment.

However, the decision is at the consulate’s discretion and depends on several factors, such as the urgency of your journey and the national interests of the United States.

If you need to apply for an expedited appointment, enter the date of travel into the website and provide contact information, such as your phone number etc. Explain clearly why it is important to speed up the appointment (i.e. explain what’s at stake). The US Embassy / Consulate will review your requests and grant expedited interview appointments as soon as possible.

Length of Stay for USA Business Visa

The maximum length of stay for a B1 business visa is 6 months. But, you can extend the visa for another 6 months, meaning the absolute maximum length of stay is 1 year. After that, you might have to leave and reapply or seek a different type of visa, as your trip will no longer be considered short-term.

The length of your visa allows you to enter the USA at any point during this time. However, the actual length of stay during a particular visit is determined by the date on Form I-94, which is stamped by the immigration officer in the port of entry. The fact that you receive a 10-year visa does not mean that you can stay in the United States for ten years.

Further Information for the B1 Visa

The B1 visa is relatively simple compared to other American visas. It grants a businessperson entry to the country for legitimate business reasons. Here are other factors to consider when applying for a B1 visa.


There is no category of visa for family members of business visa applicants. In general, it is not a good idea to take your spouse and/or children on a US trip with a B-1 visa, as it is not common practice to escort you to a meeting. If you want your family to come, they should apply for a tourist visa (B2).

Domestic Helpers

Some forms of domestic servant can apply for a B1 visa relating to work for an American employer. However, these are quite specific circumstances, so you’ll want to check with your local American consulate first.

Conclusion about USA Business Visa

Applying for a B1 Business Visitor Visa is generally straightforward. Granted, you need plenty of evidence, but the process is more streamlined than more permanent immigration visas.

If you feel your business activities might last longer than the maximum period, you’ll need to consider a different kind of visa, such as a green card.

If you plan to work and live permanently in the United States, then you need a Green Card, and we will be able to assist you to get one.

Get started today and apply for the Diversity Visa Program so you study, work, and live in the USA permanently and legally.

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