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Now you check if you’re one of the 55.000 lucky Green Card Program selectees of the 2020 DV-2022 (2022xxxxxxxxxxxx) Diversity Visa Program. Please note all DV-2021 (2021xxxxxxxxxxxx) confirmation numbers has expired and cannot be checked anymore.

DV-2022 visa interviews are scheduled to begin on October 1, 2021.

It is very important that you type your confirmation number, last name and date of birth exactly as you did when you applied.

Any misspelling of your last name, incorrect date of birth or incorrect confirmation number provided in the form will lead to a negative result, so please check your data twice before you submit your request

Please ONLY submit your request once and wait for our response.

If you didn't apply for the upcoming Diversity Visa Program please apply now on,

We wish you good luck.

Support Team United States

Type the confirmation number that was given when you applied
Provide the Last or Family Name that was used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Application Form when you applied, including punctuation.
Provide the year of birth for the primary entrant. format(yyyy)
Provide the email you used when you applied
Please enter your email again
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