Explore the Rich History and Beauty of Massachusetts


Officially known as the commonwealth state, Massachusetts is known to be a key player in the country's history since the pilgrims. The English men were the first explorer of the land. Being one of the new England state and one of the 13 colonies, Massachusetts has always resist British oppression. Known to be the 7th smallest state out of the US states, Massachusetts is bordered by Rhode Island and Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, Atlantic Ocean to the south, west, north, and to the east respectively. Boston is the largest city in the state and it is also the capital. Other major cities in Massachusetts includes Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River. The bay state was the 6th state to be created and hence joined the state union on Feb. 6, 1788. Massachusetts occupies 7,840 sq mi. in land area and has 14 counties with over 7 million people in population as at the 2024 census.

The state is known for a lot things, the first higher education institution in United States of America (Harvard University) was created in Massachusetts. The state is also known to be populated by Irish Americans. Massachusetts is also known to have great recreation centers and memorable landmarks hence a tourist center. The state is also known to be the first state in the country in 2004 to legalize the same sex marriage bill. The intellectual capability of the writers and educators in the state made the state famous. The state is also known for its agricultural capabilities as the state cranberry crop is the second largest in the country.

Massachusetts landmarks includes Acton Arboretum located in Acton; Adams National Historical Park which consists the home of Formal President John and John Quincy Adams; African Meeting House located in Suffolk County dedicated on December 6, 1806; A 265 acres Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University founded in 1872, Boston Public Library which is the largest municipal public library in the country; Copley Square in Suffolk County; Copley Square Hotel built in 1891 and known to be the second oldest hotel in Boston; A 6.7 acres Massachusetts State House in Boston; Museum of Fine Arts with over 400,000 objects and its the second largest museum in United states of America; National Monument to the Forefathers (Pilgrim Monument) in Plymouth; Pilgrim Monument; Old North Church; The Witch House.

Do you know that if you commit fornication in Massachusetts, you will be punished by the government and by imprisonment, hence assuring you can't be fooled around. Living in Massachusetts will provide much fun with water as there are lots in the state. You have heard of MIT, Harvard, Boston College, and what does that implies? It simply means the best set of people study in the state as they are outstanding people. Boston cream pie is the official desert in the state. If you are a music lover, you will definitely love to live in Massachusetts as there are lots of musical concerts.

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