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  • • We guarantee your participation in the Green Card Program
  • Increase your chance of getting a Green Card to the USA
  • Avoid being among the 65% that are disqualified each year
  • • We have helped over 400,000 families since 1998
  • • Take advantage of our 25 years of experience

Your chances of winning a Green Card have never been higher

The US Green Card Office immigration professionals know a lot about boosting your chances of winning a Green Card, thanks to 25 years of experience helping over two million people apply for the Diversity Visa Program. We are literally your best chance of becoming one of the 55,000 Green Card winners every year who enter the United States to become permanent residents.

Using government data and our own analyses, our experts calculate that the chances of winning a Green Card are between 1:20 and 1:75, depending on the country you come from and the number of applicants from your region. Our most recent study showed that approximately 1 in 45 applicants emerges as winners in many regions.

Your chances of winning a Green Card have never been higher. Submit your application directly with US Green Card Office to get the best chance of being selected.

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Why the US GREEN CARD OFFICE is your best bet.

The immigration officers at US GREEN CARD OFFICE know a thing or two about boosting your chances of winning a Green Card. Our review of millions of applications over the last 25 years showed the number one mistake most applicants make is submitting an application photo that does not meet the exacting requirements of the US government. Over 65% of our applicants would have submitted ineligible photos and been disqualified if they had applied without our professional immigration service.

It just takes a single mistake in your application to be rejected from a particular year`s Green Card Program. Don`t leave your application to chance; leave it to the US GREEN CARD OFFICE professionals. We check and double-check every detail of your application, so it`s 100% error-free when it`s submitted.

When you`re following your dream, you want every step of the way to be perfect. Over 40% of our applicants are people who tried to apply on their own — and were disqualified, year after year. Then they turned to us, and everything changed. Suddenly, their chances of winning a Green Card shot right up

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Why yours chances of winning are even higher than you thought.

Since the Immigration Act became law in 1990, the United States has made 55,000 Green Cards available each year to eligible applicants from a pool of 125,000 selected at random from all the applications received worldwide. You`re probably wondering why they select 125,000 applicants randomly when they know only 55,000 of them will finally win Green Cards?

The answer is simple many of the people notified don`t even go on to submit their DS-260 form. Some don`t even realize that they had been selected because they forgot to check their winner status on the official website, and some changed their mind or made other plans. As a result, almost 50,000 of the 125,000 people selected for further processing simply drop out of the race.

Suddenly, your chances look much brighter because you are now one of only 75,000 applicants in the race for the 55,000 Green Cards available. In other words, at this stage, roughly out of every 10 applicants is assured of getting a Green Card through the Diversity Visa Program. Yes, you are right - your chances just shot up by 70%!

Is there anything you can do to improve your chances of winning? You bet there is. Since visa applications are reviewed in the order they were received, the review process stops as soon as 55,000 visas have been approved, regardless of how many remain. As you can see, the early bird has an advantage.

Many applicants make errors in their applications or don`t submit them early enough, but the smart ones reach out for expert advice, such as the US GREEN CARD OFFICE.

Our immigration team will not only check your winner status and alert you the moment your notification letter arrives, but they will also guide you step by step in filling out and submitting an impeccable DS-260 nonimmigrant visa application form online.

Submitting an error-free DS-260 is essential for being invited for your Visa interview in the American Embassy.

If you`re a couple, your chances just doubled.

The Diversity Visa Program rules allow only one application per person per year. The computer algorithm easily spots duplicate applications, and those applicants are disqualified immediately.

What if you`re not one but two? What if you`re married? The good news is that if you are married, you may submit two applications in the same year, immediately doubling your chances.

And you guessed right — US GREEN CARD OFFICE can take care of that as well. We will automatically submit two applications on your behalf to make it easy for you and your spouse, though you only have to submit one application to us. And remember, any children under age 21 will be automatically added to your application free of charge.

Why your future is safe in our hands.

When you reach out to the US GREEN CARD OFFICE, you`ll receive excellent expertise from 25 years of experience providing top-notch immigration services since 1998. Our professional immigration advisors are located in our offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. With an experienced helping hand from us, we have supported over two million applicants who have dreamed, just like you, of moving to the United States.


Guaranted error-free submission service.

Working with US GREEN CARD OFFICE`s seasoned immigration professionals is your guarantee that your application will be submitted on time and 100% error-free. As your proof, we will send you the confirmation number that the US government issues upon successfully receiving your application.

With that confirmation number in hand, you`ll be able to go to the US government website any time you want to check if you`re one of the lucky winners. But if you`re too busy — that can happen — then we`ll check for you anyway. Our immigration team will notify you the moment we get news about your Green Card application.

US GREEN CARD OFFICE makes getting a Green Card a hassle-free experience for you. Once you submit your application online (with a little help from us), we`ll take care of everything else.

100% privacy and data data security.

Once you have applied for the Green Card Program through our website and selected one of our plans, we will create your online account to which you will have unfettered, secure 24/7 access. In your account, you will be able to view your current status, update personal information and upload your photo.

Your account will be encrypted with the latest technology, and data is transmitted with 2048-bit digital signatures and hacker-proof 256-bit encryption. US GREEN CARD OFFICE holds a website identity assurance warranty of $1,000,000. Your information is safe with us.


Just log in to your secure account any time for a status update,

  • You can also,
  • Update your personal data
  • Upload or change passport information
  • Upload and adjust your photo
  • Retrieve your confirmation number
  • Check the status of your application

We`ll prepare you for the Visa interview.

Once you`re selected, the last step before getting your visa is the Visa interview, usually in the American embassy of the country where you`re living. This all-important interview is when you and your family will be issued your Diversity visas to enter the United States as Green Card winners.

But make no mistake some people have been rejected even at this stage simply by being unprepared for the interview questions. But US GREEN CARD OFFICE`s professionals will be at hand when you apply using our service, to coach and prepare you before the Visa interview.

As always, your future will be safe in our expert hands.

We`ll cover your tickets and moving expenses to the US.

If all goes well and you and your family get visas to enter the US as Green Card winners, we`ll even help you keep your moving costs down by paying for your flight tickets and relocation costs. To avail of this benefit, all you have to do is buy into our unique insurance scheme, and presto — we`ll take care of things when you win. The US GREEN CARD OFFICE insurance service is available as an optional opt-in when you submit your application.

It`s your turn to win now!

You want to live your dream of a life in the USA. And all we at US GREEN CARD OFFICE have been doing for two and a half decades is helping applicants live their dreams. Your chances of winning in the Green Card Program have never been higher than they are today.

It`s your turn now to take the first step towards a new life in the United States of America.