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How to obtain a work permit in the USA

The presence of widespread career opportunities in the US prompts millions of jobless people to relocate to the country in quest of some decent earnings. Over the years, there has been a constant increase in this number which is compelling the governmental authorities to take stringent actions to pick only potential employees for the US based companies. Since the Work Permit USAimmigration laws of the country are very strict every job seeker needs to apply for the Work permit USA also termed as the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card in order to pursue their career in the nation. The EAD card is awarded only to those candidates who fulfill the eligibility norms set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) looking after these matters. The eligibility norms are:

* M-1 students who have already attained the completion of their courses and going to take the practical training

* Non US citizen F1 students having completed 9 months of course successfully looking forward to take the optional practical training program as per their course.

* F-1 who have got employment offers from any eminent international organization

* F-1 students going through a financial crisis and applying for an off campus employment. The application must be forwarded along with the affidavit and documents supporting their claim.

* Citizens of nations granted the status of the Temporary Protected status if their immediate relatives are US permanent residents or citizens

* J-2 spouse or children less than the age of 18 years of the exchange visitor.

* People having L-2 visas

* People having the refugee status in the country

* Asylees

The entire process of applying for the work permit is not an easy task and one has to go through the following series of procedures before getting one. There are three categories under which the applications are forwarded to the USCIS authorities:

* Request for a new EAD Card

* Renewal of the EAD card after one year

* Repeated application for a new card against an old card that is lost

For the Work permit USA the aliens have to fill up and submit the employment authorization application form no. I-765. This duly form has to be mailed at the specific address as per the information provided in the brochure. There are many people who are temporarily in the country for a short duration and want to take up some non permanent work which they can discontinue while leaving the US. Since there are varieties of work visas offered in the US it is necessary to gather sufficient information as to which one suits you the best and your purpose of residing in the US.

There is no need to apply for the EAD card in case of the non resident US has a green card permanent resident visa status for living and working in the nation. The EAD card has a validity of one year and must be renewed annually for continuing stay in the country for the sake of professional purpose.

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