USA Student Visa

Facts and Information on Applying for a USA Student Visa

For foreign students who are seeking an education in the United States, you are required to apply for a student visa in order to enrol in a US university, college, or high school.  A student visa can also be issued for enrolment in an institution of learning which offers a language training program.

If you are a student who is considering a US education or a USA Student Visa, before you begin the application process you should be aware of some of the laws and policies which surround the application process for a student visa.  You are eligible to apply for a student visa also known as an F-1 student visa if you plan on full-time student status at a US educational institution and your course of study has been approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  You must al

so be able to speak the English language if you are not entering a language training program and you must have the financial resources to fund your education.

If these requirements apply to your situation, here are some other facts and information you should know when it comes to applying for a student visa.

Student Visa Guidelines (USA Student Visa)

When you obtain a student visa the length of your stay in the US is determined by the amount of time it will take to finish your education.  In the event it is necessary to extend your stay, an official at the school you are

USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa

attending can assist you with filling out the necessary documentation for an extension of stay.  This requires an I-20 form which is filed in addition to Form I-94, your passport, an arrival and

departure document, and verification of the purpose of your extended stay.

If you are granted a USA Student Visa there are a few other guidelines you must follow to remain in compliance.  First, you must be enrolled the educational institution which was approved when you were granted your student visa.

If you seek student employment it must be on the grounds of the educational institution you are attending.  If you plan to work off the grounds then you must be granted approval by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Additionally, if you have dependants they are not eligible to seek employment while in the US.  Neither you nor your dependants will be eligible to apply for a green card while you are on a student visa.

In terms of travel guidelines, you may leave the US to return to your home country during vacations from school.  When you return to the US you must present Form I-20A-B with a current signature from the appropriate school official, your passport and USA Student Visa, and the documentation which validates your ability to support yourself financially.

Student Visa Documentation (USA Student Visa)

Like other visa applications there is a list of documentation you must provide in order to qualify for a student visa.  Having knowledge of what is required ahead of time will help you to better prepare for your application.

First, you must prove that you have completed the necessary studies such as a high school diploma which are required to be accepted into a US educational institution.  You must also be accepted to a US educational institution that is approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

English proficiency is a must if you are not entering a language training program and you must provide proof of financial support with sufficient funds to cover your studies while in the US. Your course of study should prove to be useful in your home country which indicates you plan to leave the US when your education is complete.  You must also show intent that you will return to your home country by showing proof of family ties to your country of permanent residence.

Once you have all the necessary documents you can complete a Form DS-160 which is a non immigrant visa application.  Your passport should also be current with two different photos and you will need to submit a letter of admission from the educational institution you plan to attend.  You should also be prepared to submit the other documentation we described above before your local Consular approves your USA Student Visa.

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