US Government Green Card Lottery

What is the US Government Green Card Lottery?

Although many people are familiar with the US Government Green Card Lottery there are still some people who are unaware that this is an option for USA immigration.

US Government Green Card Lottery

If you are one of those people you are not alone. Even the people who have heard of the green card lottery are not really sure how it works. Others are vaguely familiar with the process where another group is quite knowledgeable on how the system works. Hopefully the following information will help you to understand the US Government Green Card Lottery and some of the processes which are associated with it.

US Government Green Card Lottery Defined

First, it is important to mention that the US Government Green Card Lottery is referred to by a variety of different terms which include Green Card Lottery, Diversity Lottery, DV Lottery,
Visa Lottery, US Visa Lottery, USA Visa Lottery, and US Green Card Lottery, to name a few terms. Despite the fact that there are so many different terms for this program they all mean the same thing.

The US Government Green Card Lottery is a program that was created by the United States for the purpose of issuing visas to immigrants that reside in countries which have less than 55,000 immigrants coming to the US within five years. The Green Card Lottery is offered every year by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The winning entrants are chosen at random through the use of a computer program. Once you are chosen you must go through the process of obtaining a green card which also includes preparing for a green card interview.

US Government Green Card Lottery Process

In order to participate in the Diversity Lottery you must reside in a country that has less than 55,000 immigrants acquiring green card status within a five year period. In addition to residing in a country with a low immigration rate you must make sure that you meet other qualifications as well. The qualifications include having an educational background of a high school diploma or equivalent or you have 5 years of work experience in a given profession. This is to ensure you can support yourself in the United States if you are chosen as a winning entrant.

You can only fill out one application for the US Government Green Card Lottery unless you are married. In this case, both you and your spouse can fill out separate applications to increase your chances of being chosen. If you reside in a country that is not eligible to participate in the green card lottery you can still register for the lottery if you are married to someone who resides in an eligible country.

Once you meet the necessary qualifications you can proceed to fill out the registration application which requires a fee for submission. You are then provided with a confirmation number which you use to track the status of your registration.

If you are chosen as a winning entrant for the US Government Green Card Lottery you will receive a letter that provides a date and time for a green card interview with the American Consulate. Following notification it will be necessary to get all of the necessary documentation together to start the application process for your visa.

Where and how to apply?

The best most easy way to apply is to do it online, please apply online today.

Green Card Lottery


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