Which is Better: The Paid or Free Green Card Lottery Program?

Using the Green Card Lottery is a viable way of entering the United States. Granted, there’s tough competition to win a Green Card, but it gives equal opportunities to many low-migration countries from all over the world.

When applying, you have two main options: a Paid or Free Green Card Lottery program. But which is better? Read on for some tips, before you make your decision on which program to use.

Applying for Free

Applicants can register for free using the US Government’s website. Going down this route means filling in the paperwork, obtaining photos, preparing for your interview, and more.

On the surface, it’s not difficult to put a Green Card Lottery application together. After all, you just need your personal information and some photos.

However, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re not completely sure what you’re doing. This can render your application invalid, meaning you Will be disqualified and you have to wait until the next Diversity Visa Program.

A common problem is photos. As with passport photos, the criteria are very strict, and the Green Card Lottery Program will discard applications that don’t match perfectly. On average, around 65% of applications are discarded because of errors in the application or incorrect photos.

Applying using the Paid Service

Although many applicants can register for the lottery themselves for free at the US Government website during the very limited 30-day only open registration period, there are several good reasons to use a professional lottery service like US Green Card Office.

For one, applicants can use our value-added professional lottery service any time of year (open 365 days a year) and not scramble with changing dates. This makes a massive difference because, as mentioned, the government’s application window is very slim. Using US Green Card Office means you can take your time getting your information together.

Also, our paid professional service ensures a 100% error-free application before it’s submitted to the US Government. Considering the number of applications thrown out for minor errors, having a team of experts behind you massively improves your chances of being successful.

If your application does get picked, we can even help you prepare for your interview by explaining what to take, where to go, and what to say.

Then, if all goes to plan, we can help you arrange passage to the United States. It includes transport for you, your immediate family, pets, and furniture. Considering this, it makes sense to use a service like US Green Card Office. You can even add airline ticket insurance to your application when you apply for a small extra fee.

But in most cases, just the convenience of letting someone else notify you if you win (and keep your confirmation number safe) are sufficient reasons to use our value-added service. We’re experts in Green Card Lottery applications, and we have assisted over 400,000 people moving to the United States since 1998. Our all-inclusive application fees start from $80.00, a small price to pay to get the best chance of being selected. Guaranteed!

Which is Better:
The Paid or Free
Green Card Lottery?

So, which is better, a paid or free green card lottery program? If the answer wasn’t already obvious, it’s the paid program. You get experts handling your case, assistance with the more complicated aspects, and help to move to the US if you’re successful.


You can read more about our value-added service here, https://www.usgreencardoffice.com/green-card-lottery

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