Merit Based Immigration System

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Donald Trump proposed the United States adopt a Merit Based Immigration System, similar to countries like Australia and Canada.

Merit Based Immigration System

In a Merit Based Immigration System, points are awarded to aspiring New Immigrants for various skills. For example, in Australia and Canada, points are awarded for higher education; those with the most advanced degrees earn more points. Points are also awarded for language, employment experience, and other factors. While family ties will score some points, these aren’t given priority.

For the past 50 years, there have been multiple paths to come to the United States as an Immigrant. You can come for work as a “non-immigrant” temporary worker. You can come, permanently, as the relative of a US citizen or Green Card holder. You can come as a refugee. You can come through the “visa lottery” for immigrants from underrepresented countries.

In particular, proposals to make the USA immigration system more “merit-based” usually reduce the number of spots available for Immigrants who are coming for reasons other than their skills — family-based immigration and the visa lottery, for example — and ensure that a greater share of immigrants coming to the US are highly educated and highly skilled.

Immigration experts say that a focus on higher degrees could favor high-skilled workers from Asia. Such workers now largely enter the USA under the H-1B visa and many are hired by the tech industry.

Technology companies and others have expressed concern that a restrictive immigration policy could hamper their ability to hire desirable candidates for jobs and there want to ensure a more looser immigration policy from well educated immigrants from low immigrant countries. The Well know Diversity Immigrant Program also know as the Green Card Lottery is a perfect solution for the United States to get qualified new immigrants to United States.

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