Green Card Lottery Winners USA

Green Card Lottery winners

Green Card Lottery winners are a lucky group of people who receive lawful permanent resident (LPR) status
for the USA without fulfilling the usual criteria. As such, it’s quite a highly sought-after thing.

Let’s take a look at what Green Card winners actually get so you can decide if it’s worth you applying.
Even before going any further, we say it is!

Green Card Lottery winners
Great opportunity with up to 55,000 USA Green Card winners each year.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

Introduced in 1995, the Green Card Lottery is a way for foreigners to win LPR status in the US. It’s formally called the Diversity Visa Program, and its main purpose is to introduce diversity to people entering the USA.

Each year, it allows up to 55,000 people from low-immigration countries to come to the US without having a job lined up or family ties in the country. These are the 2 most common routes to Green Card status, so it opens up the immigration pool to people who simply want to live in the USA.

A Green Card is the formal identification of your LPR status. It includes a photograph of the holder and so is considered proof of identity and right to work. Since this document is of huge importance, it uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and has a laminated cover to prevent manipulation or damage. Cardholders must carry it with them at all times so they can confirm their legal right to be in the country if they’re ever asked.


Green Card Lottery Winners USA – What do they Win?

Green Card Lottery winners obtain LPR status. In short, this means they can live legally and permanently in the US. It also entitles them to a work permit, meaning they can get a job once they’re settled down. Better still, it also extends to their immediate family, which covers spouses and children under 21.

Also, after 5 years of continuous residence in the USA, Green Card Lottery winners can apply for full citizenship. It means sitting a test and interview, but in turn, grants you full citizenship rights. These include the ability to vote and access to government funding and other Green Card benefits, among many other factors.

As such, winning the Green Card Lottery can be the beginning of a great journey in America. Not only do you get access to the country’s job market, but you also eventually have the chance to become a full citizen.

Applying for the Green Card Lottery

Before Green Card Lottery winners can be announced, they must actually apply. Unlike other Green Card applications, lottery entries don’t need a sponsor, making them an easier route for many people.

The application process is relatively easy and requires the submission of a completed application form along with a properly taken photograph. Therefore, candidates must ensure they submit a recently taken photograph that has high-resolution clarity, is free from any sort of shadow or darkness, non-tilted taken on a qualified background. Candidates should not wear any eyeglasses or other accessories that cover the appearance of the face in any way.

Despite being fairly clear instructions, photos are one of the biggest areas of failure on application forms. Unfortunately, without professional guidance, there’s no way of knowing whether your photograph is acceptable until your application is accepted or rejected. Therefore it is very important that you always use a professional immigration service to assist you with your application to get the best chance of being selected. To give you a clear picture between the paid and the free lottery service please have a look at our Diversity Visa Program comparison chart.

Eligibility Criteria taht you should know

The eligibility criteria have been set with minimal requisites to allow a maximum number of prospective applicants under this program. This is different from other methods of obtaining a Green Card, as these can be quite strict. For example, if you’re applying for a job, it must fall into a specific field and be in demand in the country.

Although the Green Card Lottery is more relaxed with its application criteria, there are still a few things you must do to be eligible. These include:

Green Card Lottery Winners USA – Required Education

It is compulsory for the applicant to have at least a high school level or equivalent years of education with adequate certification. In the event of not fulfilling, this they should at least have passed the 10th standard exams and have 2 years of job experience in any industry that requires at least 2 years of training. If such a candidate is a citizen of a nation in the list of eligible countries then they are welcome to take the opportunity to apply for the lottery.

Home Country’s Immigration Numbers

For any country to appear on the qualified list, each country must have sent fewer than 50,000 immigrants to the USA in the previous 5-year period. The list changes annually, so it’s worth checking whether your country of birth is on the Green Card Lottery qualifying list.

Also, Green Card Lottery winners are broken up among the eligible countries. No single country can have more than 3,500 visas issued each year. As such, some Green Card Lottery winners may have applied several times before they actually win. If you want to apply, you should bear in mind that you might not win the first year. Therefore it’s always recommended to apply for the two-year plan which can only be purchased when using the paid immigration service.

The selection process can be quite tough, so once the correctly filled applications are selected, prospective Green Card Lottery winners are called for an interview. Those who are found eligible and satisfactory during the interview will get a Green Card. Even if someone does not succeed in the previous attempts should keep trying every year as it increases their chances. Those who get the call for the interview must make it quick before the authorities reach the maximum number of issued Green Cards available for that particular year. I can see the full breakdown of previous year’s winners in the Green Card Lottery Winners by country list.

Beginning an Application

The application form for the Green Card Lottery isn’t particularly difficult. It requires you to submit some fairly simple details about yourself and any family that might come with you.

However, a surprising number of people don’t fill in the form correctly, meaning their applications are rejected before even being considered. It can be as many as 65% of all applications. The vast majority of these people will have completed the form without any outside help, therefore being disqualified.

So, the easiest way to guarantee a correct application form and increase your chances of being among the Green Card Lottery winners is to use a Professional Immigration Service like US Green Card Office.

The US Green Card Office assists hundreds of thousands of applicants each year. The difference our advice makes is more than worth the money, so get in touch to see how we can help you get one step closer to your dream of living legally in the United States.

Please remember to apply for this year’s Green Card Lottery to be one of the next Green Card Lottery winners.

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