Foreign Investor Green Card

How to Obtain a Green Card as a Foreign Investor

There are many different requirements for obtaining a Foreign Investor Green Card for permanent residency within the US.  One of the ways to qualify for a green card is showing proof that you can make a significant contribution to the US economy.

If you are an investor or entrepreneur you may be eligible to apply for green card status.  This type of green card is known as an EB-5 and was created to encourage investors capable of creating jobs in the United States.  Like other types of green cards the green card EB-5 has set requirements you must meet to become eligible for permanent residency within the US.

The green card EB-5 is appropriate for entrepreneurs who are financially capable of investing more than $500,000 in a commercial company which benefits the US economy and helps to create at least ten full-time employment positions.

Green Card EB-5 Eligibility

Foreign Investor Green Card

Foreign Investor Green Card

In addition to the requirements we outlined above, in order to be eligible for an EB-5 immigrant visa you must show proof that you will be establishing an original business or you have the financial resources available to purchase an existing business and expand it by 140 percent of its net worth.  You can also choose to purchase an existing business that is financially stressed and has lost more than 20 percent of its value within the last two years.

If you are investing in a new commercial business your involvement in the new enterprise must be able to retain the existing number of workers for up to two years and at the level before you chose to invest in the enterprise.  Your investment must target a specific employment area and create at least ten new jobs. Additionally, you must show that the financial resources you plan to invest originate from a legal source.

Green Card EB-5 Documentation

In order to qualify for green card EB-5 status you must complete and file Form I-526 with the US Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS).  This form is also known as an Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur and requires proof through documentation that you meet the requirements for investment in a US commercial enterprise.

You must provide the required documentation that proves you are investing in a new commercial business, you are able to invest the required capital and that it comes from a legal funding source, you will be able to create more than ten employment positions and you will be actively involved in the enterprise.

Conditional Residency

Once your green card EB-5 is approved you may apply for conditional residency which is a permanent resident status if you currently reside in the US.  In the event you still reside outside the US, it will be necessary for you to obtain an immigrant visa through the Consulate in your home country.  Once you and your family members achieve conditional residency you are subject to certain conditions for two years before you can apply to remove the conditions.

Once you are approved for a green card and conditional residency you will no longer require authorization to offer employment within the US, you can become a green card sponsor for other family members, and you can grow and expand your business.  Once you have resided in the United States for more than five years then you become eligible to apply for permanent US citizenship status.

The Foreign Investor Green Card might not be right for you so you could try to apply in the Green Card Program if you are born in one of the qualified country’s you can also apply on the Green Card lottery

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