Chances of winning the Green Card Lottery

Every year, the US conducts a Green Card Lottery that gives foreign nationals from certain countries the chance to win a US Green Card. If they win, these people then get to move legally and permanently to the United States without going through the standard immigration routes.

As such, the Green Card Lottery is a great opportunity for those who want to move to the US but don’t have work or family ties. With all that’s on offer, you might think the likelihood of winning is quite low, but what are the chances of winning the Green Card Lottery?

The Chances of Winning the Green Card Lottery

Although it varies annually, the chances of winning the Green Card Lottery usually fall between 1:75 and 1:25 depending on the overall number of applicants. In short, this means that, in a good year, every 25th applicant in the lottery receives a Green Card.

When you look at it like that, the odds are actually pretty good. Although there are applications and eligibility criteria, going into the process knowing you have a 1 in 25 chance of winning is definitely reassuring.

Green Card Lottery Eligibility

Unlike other routes into the US via a Green Card, the eligibility criteria for the lottery aren’t as strict. Traditional routes require you to have a job lined up or family members that hold US citizenship. While these aren’t necessarily strict criteria in themselves, they can be once you start digging into them.

However, the Green Card Lottery is a much easier way to get lawful permanent resident (LPR) status. Aside from filling in the application form, there are 2 vital criteria that you must meet:

Country of Nationality

The first, and most important, part is your home country. To even begin an application, your home country must be on the eligible qualifying countrie list. For this to happen, it must have sent no more than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the previous 5-year period.

As it’s a rolling 5-year period, often impacted by previous years of the Green Card Lottery, this list changes annually. So, before going any further, you should check whether your country is on the list.

Your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery are therefore directly tied to your home country. No country can receive more than 7% of the total winning visas, which equates to 3,500 visas. As such, your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery decrease if your country submits lots of applications.

The US government works in a systematic manner when it comes to distributing lottery participation over the world. The world is divided into six parts and lotteries are allotted based on regions.

Those regions that have sent fewer immigrants to the US in the past are entitled to receive more places in the lottery. On the other hand, those countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants in the past five years to the US are not entitled to any Green Card Lottery places.

However, if an individual does not meet the region requirements but has married someone who meets these criteria, they can use their spouse to enter the Green Card Lottery.


The second important part is that you have a high school level education or the equivalent from your home country. Alternatively, you can apply if you have 2 years of work experience in the previous 5 years in a qualifying profession. There are plenty on the list, so it’s worth checking to see if yours is on there.

The reason for this is fairly simple; the US government expects that you’ll pick up a job once you enter the country, and so you need a relevant level of education to do so. For most jobs in the US, you’re required to have at least a high school education.

How Winners are Picked for the Green Card Lottery

Some people think that Green Card Lottery works in a basic manner and follows the process of a standard lottery, but this is only partly true. The biggest similarity is that you submit an entry and wait to see if you win.

That said, the selection process is essentially the same as any other lottery. A computer randomly chooses application numbers, and if yours is chosen, you win!

The results are announced from year to year, meaning that if an individual applies for the Green Card Lottery in 2021, they will get the results in May 2022. The reason for the potentially lengthy delay is that every application is screened thoroughly, so it’s understandable. We recommend that you check if you have one of the lucky winners in May each year. No matter if you have used the paid or free Green Card Application Service to apply you can always use our free winner check system to check if you are a lucky winner. Check here if you are a Green Card Winner.

The whole process of Green Card Lottery is conducted online, which means that applications are available on the internet, and that it’s secure and efficient. You can apply directly through the Diversity Visa Program, but it makes more sense to use a third-party company.


Third-Party Lottery Applications

Apply for the Green Card Lottery

Using the Paid Immigration Service for your application can make the process much smoother. It’s easy to make a simple mistake on the form, such as taking an incorrect photo or misunderstanding a question. Doing so will disqualify your entry.

While using an immigration service doesn’t directly improve your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery, it at least means your application will be accepted. Considering up to 65% of applicants are rejected for this reason, it’s an obvious decision if you’re serious about moving to the US.

Individuals who want to get a Green Card as soon as possible should always apply in advance to dodge the delays. However, this doesn’t mean they should rush to complete their application, as this is what leads to mistakes and rejections.

Instead, they should take the time to complete their application well in advance. It can be helpful to, for example, know what information and evidence you need and have this ready before application even opens. It means that you can be ready to submit in a few days rather than a few weeks.

Another option is to reapply each year, as you’ll have a completed application ready that only needs minor updates before it’s submitted.

The easiest way to guarantee your application is submitted, and by extension to give yourself the best possible chances of winning the Green Card Lottery, is to use the professional immigration service from US GREEN CARD OFFICE.

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