Chances of winning the green card lottery

Every year US conducts a green card lottery where several foreign individuals are allowed to try their luck and get hold of a green card. The winners are basically able to make their dreams come true by working in US.

The best thing about green card lottery is that although the chances of winning are moderated, it is still the easiest way of getting a green card. Some people think that green card lottery works in a basic manner and follows the process of a standard lottery, but this is not true.

Each year around 55,000 individuals get a green card through this lottery. When the process of lottery is compared to other conventional ways of getting the green card, it can be accepted that the process is less vigorous and comparati

vely easy, but still there is a strict criteria for eligibility that is met after an official meeting. This criterion is important in its own way because a lot of people apply for this lottery. Following are two of the most important factors that determine eligibility of an individual to participate in a green card lottery:

  1. Individual must be from the country which is listed in the lottery program. People not on the list of countries that are accepted by US
    will not be allowed to participate.
  2. A certain level of education requirement has to be met along with employment experience in order to be eligible for the lottery.

US government works in a systematic manner when it comes to distributing lottery participation over the world. The world is divided in six parts and lotteries are allotted based on regions. Those regions that have sent lesser number of immigrants to US in the past are entitled to receive more places in the lottery and green cards. On the other hand, those countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants in the past five years to US are not entitled to any green card lottery places and seats. Moreover, if an individual does not meet the region requirements but has married someone who meets these criteria, he or she can use his or her spouse to enter the green card lottery.

The whole process of green card lottery is conducted online which means that applications are available on the internet and the whole process is quite secure and efficient. Moreover, there are other private companies and websites too that offer these opportunities. Since the whole process if mechanized and efficient, if a person even fails to meet the photo criteria, he may be disqualified from the green card lottery process.

Chances of winning the green card lottery

The results are usually announced from year to year which means that if an individual applies for the green card lottery in 2014, he will get the results in around 2015. Since there are many applicants and all have to be screened through carefully, the delay in results is justified. Moreover, individuals who want to get a green card as soon as possible should always apply in advance to dodge the delays. This in no way means that an individual completes his profile hastily since the system picks on the smallest mistakes and ends up rejecting applications.

But most important of all is that you use a professional service like US GREEN CARD OFFICE to avoid being disqualified.

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