Visiting USA

Visiting USA

Visiting USA or moving there permanently what’s the difference?

More often than not, visiting the USA involves some kind of document application. For those visiting USA on a temporary basis, this is a nonimmigrant visa. For those moving there permanently, it’s a Green Card.

Below we’ll cover the important information you need for visiting USA, whether temporarily or to settle down permanently.

Visiting USA Temporarily

Like most other countries, the USA has a visa program for short-term visits. These cover trips such as business, vacations and tourism, and seasonal work, among others.

Visas are almost always necessary if you’re visiting USA for short trips, although some visas can last up to 10 years. The point of a visa is that you typically return to your home country when it expires.

You can usually begin a visa application online, but you may need to visit your country’s US Embassy or Consulate for an interview. It’s not always necessary, but it’ll depend on the type of visa you want and the length of your stay.

But, some countries are exempt from needing visas for certain trips. Known as the Visa Waiver Program, it covers natives from these countries for 90-day trips for business and pleasure reasons. The countries included are most of Europe and some Asian countries; you can find a full list online.

Visiting USA with a Nonimmigrant Visas

The official term for the document needed when visiting USA is a nonimmigrant visa. As the name suggests, it covers you for temporary trips, despite these sometimes lasting up to 10 years.

Most nonimmigrant visas have an initial validity of 1 year but can be renewed once you’re in the country. This is typically the case for worker visas and student visas, although you can get other types renewed in specific circumstances.

Some types might require you to leave the country and finish the application in your native country. Where possible, it’s worth speaking to a US immigration lawyer to see if you can avoid this.

There are plenty of types of nonimmigrant visas for visiting USA. Most of the time, it should be obvious what type you need based on the purpose of your journey. For example, students would need a student visa (F or M visa) and business visitors would need a business visa (b1/b2 visa USA).

You should be able to work it out based on the category names. But, if it’s not clear, consider contacting an immigration professional for more guidance.

Visiting USA Permanently – Immigration

If you’re planning on visiting USA and staying there, you’ll need an immigrant visa. This is known informally as a Green Card due to the card being green. A Green Card is the country’s official immigration ID document, showing you’re a lawful permanent resident (LPR).

Much like nonimmigrant visas, there are numerous categories of Green Cards. Typically, most people enter the country for work or family reasons, whether marrying a US citizen or moving in with close family members.

Whatever your reason, you need a US citizen to sponsor your application. In short, they put their name to your application, confirming you have a valid reason for entering the US on a permanent basis.

Providing your application is approved, you receive a Green Card and LPR status. The key part of this is permanent – you can stay in the US for as long as you want.

Getting a Green Card is a privilege that only a few people receive, and it’s not just a permanent residency visa, it also gives you a legal right to work in the USA without any restrictions.

Green Card Lottery

Visiting USA permanently is not an easy task, as it involves numerous stringent rules and regulations and nerve-wracking interviews at your local Consulate or Embassy. Plus, you need either a job or immediate family members in the US.

But if you are tired of visiting your immigration agents to get permanent residency in the USA, there is another option.

The Green Card Lottery is also known as the Diversity Immigration Visa Lottery, created by a legal statute of the Immigration Act of 1990. The Green Card Lottery scheme is available to the residents of countries with low levels of immigration to the USA.

It covers countries that sent fewer than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the previous 5-year period. The list of eligible countries changes each year as a result, but some appear fairly regularly. Also, it by extension excludes countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia, which send fairly high numbers of immigrants each year.

Every year up to 55,000 Green Cards is issued to individuals as well as their spouses and children. The main motive of starting this lottery scheme was to give chances to people from low immigration countries, so they could move to the US without the need for job offers and family ties.

Applying for the Green Card Lottery

US Green Card Office gives people around the globe a wonderful opportunity of getting a Green Card through the country’s Diversity Visa Program.

Applying for the Green Card Lottery through our website gets you one step closer to visiting USA. Using US Green Card Office ensures your application forms will reach the right place at right time.

We also ensure that your application is completely correct, meaning it’s guaranteed to be accepted. Each year, up to 65% of applicants are rejected for minor mistakes, such as missed boxes or incorrect photos.

Having this happen is unfortunate, as you then need to wait another year to apply again. So, using our service means your application will be accepted, getting you one step closer to winning the coveted Green Card Lottery.

Applying for a Green Card through our website is a 100% safe, secure and legal way of getting permanent residency in the United States. All 55,000 Green Card winners are selected through a random draw, held and monitored by the US government.

All the personal information of our applicants is kept under wraps to ensure the complete security of their information. As such, we can offer you plenty of benefits compared to applying by yourself. As mentioned earlier 65% of all applicants trying to do it themselves I’ve just qualified each year so don’t make the same mistake and use a professional immigration service to submit your application. We have made a free vs. paid Green Card service comparison chart so you can make the right decision before you apply.

Conclusion on visiting USA

So, if you want to make your dream of visiting USA come true, visit now. Submit your application for the Green Card Lottery scheme and, who knows, you could be the next lucky winner so you and your family can live permanently in the United States of America.

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