Live and work in USA

Live and Work in USA – A dream for many people around the world.


Live and Work in USA

Deciding to live and work in USA comes with many benefits, but also some challenges. The country itself has lots to offer, ranging from amazing natural beauty to it being the most developed nation with numerous opportunities available.


But, the process of obtaining the right to live and work in USA can be difficult, especially for citizens of certain countries.


There are millions of people around the globe that apply for permanent citizenship or Green Card in the US embassy, but only a few thousand succeed.


With US GREEN CARD OFFICE you can vastly improve your chances of winning the ability to live and work in USA.

Read on to find out how.


Why Live and Work in USA?


America has an international reputation as a country of opportunity. While this can largely depend on your wealth and drive for success, it has plenty to offer anyone who chooses it as their new home.


Work opportunities are almost endless, regardless of your profession. It has some of the world’s best universities, making it an ideal choice for academic professionals of all disciplines.


But, the USA welcomes labor of all kinds. You could move there to set up a business, work in a vocational job, or anything else you choose.


Then there are the benefits of living in a country like the USA. It has some amazing healthcare facilities, even if accessing them can be quite expensive. Quality of life is generally high when you factor in things like wealth, cultural activities, and social freedom.


Of course, accessing these things as an immigrant can be challenging depending on how you enter the country, who you know, and where you settle down. For example, a state like California has great career options, but cost of living is high. On the flip side, central states have a lower cost of living but fewer long-term, well-paying careers.


Considering the country’s size, deciding where to live and work in USA takes a lot of thought. If you plan to move there for work and lifestyle, it’s worth taking some time to review your different options, so you can find the perfect place for your needs.


Moving to the USA


For an immigrant to move to the USA permanently (and legally), they need an immigrant visa. This is known informally as a Green Card and serves as an immigrant’s right to live and work in USA.


There are different ways to obtain a Green Card, but the most common are through work or family ties. Either way, you need a sponsor (who must be a US citizen) to basically sign off on your application.


For family-related Green Cards, it’s most common for immigrants to marry a US citizen. Failing that, your immediate relatives who are either born in the USA or have become naturalized citizens can sponsor you.


Work-related Green Cards are a bit broader. You must have a job lined up with an American employer, and this is often specialized work that requires a degree or job experience. For the employer to start looking abroad, they must prove there’s a shortage of necessary skills already in the country.


As such, getting a work-based Green Card sounds easier on the surface, but the types of jobs it applies to can limit applications. Plus, you must go through both a job and immigration application at the same time, which can be very stressful.


An Alternative Way to Live and Work in USA


But, these aren’t the only ways to obtain a Green Card. Another option is to apply through the Diversity Visa Program, or Green Card Lottery. This is where US Green Card Office comes in. We can help manage your application for a chance to live and work in USA without existing family or work ties.


What is the Green Card Lottery?


Though it sounds like a dream, it is 100% real and legal. The Green Card Lottery works under the Immigration Act of 1990, which was signed by President George Bush. Essentially, it’s designed to improve the diversity of immigration into the USA by offering chances to countries with low rates of immigration.


Each year, the scheme awards 55,000 Green Cards to applicants and their immediate family members (spouses and unmarried children under 21). A computer chooses winners at random, making the draw complete luck, like other lotteries.


The best part about this green card lottery scheme is that it gives a fair chance to the people of those countries that have low levels of immigration in the United States according to historical facts. Importantly, this gives citizens of these countries a more equal opportunity compared to countries with high immigration rates, such as India, Canada and Mexico. 


The list of qualifying countries changes each year, so it’s best to check whether your country is on there. If it is, the Green Card Lottery is a great way to win the chance to live and work in USA. The application is far more relaxed than other immigration routes, making it more open to everyone.


Entering the Green Card Lottery


While the draw is ultimately randomized, meaning there’s an element of luck, there’s plenty you can do to improve your chances. US Green Card Office can help you manage your application, guaranteeing its successful acceptance. Most importantly, we will keep all your personal information in the application form safe and secure. That’s guaranteed.


When you apply through US Green Card Office, you can be sure that your application form will not be rejected due to any errors, and it’ll reach the right place at the right time.


The most common errors include missed information and incorrect photos. Minor errors like this result in rejection, meaning you’ll have to wait until the next draw to resubmit.


You can apply for the Green Card Lottery yourself, saving a bit of money. However, using a service like US Green Card Office makes financial sense because we’ll guide you through the process and support you along the way. Part of this includes, if you win, providing you with assistance to move you and your belongings to America to start your new life. Considering this can cost a lot of money, it’s definitely worth it.

You get so much for your money when using US Green Card Office. Look at the Green Card Lottery Comparison Chart to see what you get when using a professional paid immigration service.

Quite often we get questions from applicants regarding how to live and work in USA, below is a few questions and answers.

With a Green Card you can easily get a job in any sector in the United States. US Green card Office will assist you finding the right job together with our partners in the United States.

As soon as you have obtained your Green Card you can live and work permanently in the United States. However your Green Card will need to be renewed each 10 years. But you should not worry about that because our office will assist you with the renewal free of charges.


Yes, you can live in the USA without having a job. Many people from all over the world move to the United States to retire, and you would have the same rights as if you were working.

So, if you are tired of visiting your immigration agent, try your luck in the US Green Card Lottery to live and work in USA.


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