How to win the Green Card Lottery

Let us explain, how you can win the Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery Program also called the Diversity Immigration Visa Program is gaining immense popularity among the visa applicants. However it is essential to gather the maximum possible available information to carry on withhow to win the green card lottery the application process and speed up the formalities in an organised manner.

The Green Card Lottery is an essential part of the Diversity Visa Program of the US Government that is conducted every year for the effective distribution of visas to immigrants whose application and petition meet the requisites of the visa grant criteria as per the immigration law compliance under the appropriate section.

The number of visas to be awarded is subject to change and depends on the decision of the Government authorities which will be considered binding and final. On average 55,000 Green cards are awarded every year under this initiative. If you are also aspiring to acquire the Green Card permit then it is important to understand how to win the Green Card Lottery. The first thing is to look for the criteria for forwarding the lottery application.


The application for the lottery procedure requires fulfilling the following two eligibility criteria:

1) The Diversity Visa Program has prepared a list of eligible countries. The natives (not citizens) of these countries will be allowed to submit their application for the lottery.

2) The candidate must either have acquired the educational qualification up to high school i.e. 10+2 or equivalent from a recognised and affiliated institution. In the event of not having the requisite degree the candidate can be considered eligible if he has a work experience of at least 5 years inclusive of extensive training of at least 2 years.

Green Card Lottery Application Process & how to win the Green Card Lottery

Once you are sure you have met these eligibility criteria, you can proceed with the application process. The candidate must enter the lottery program by submitting the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form duly filled with the correct details to US Green Card Office online on (There are no provisions for submitting an application in the paper format.)

The US Government reserves the right to cancel the candidature in the event of submission of more than one form for a single candidate.

Once your application is successfully registered, you will be entitled to the unique confirmation number that has to be maintained in print format for further references. Always submit a valid email address for further communication and updates from the authorities. You can periodically check your entrant status using your customer number issued by US Green Card Office when you applied.

The candidate needs to submit a recently taken high resolution enhanced digital photo along with the application. Submit color photographs with light background only with the head facing straight at the camera. All information about photo requirement will be send to you as soon as you have applied. Please upload photo(s) as soon as possible

Know you now how to win the Green Card Lottery so please only apply online on our site to make sure your application is in safe hands.

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