Green Card Numbers are getting back to normal

282,000 people were issued Green Cards in the USA between
June and September 2021, compared to only 79,000 in mid-2020

You probably saw in the news from the last few years that the Covid pandemic had a big impact on Green Card Numbers and immigration to the United States. Well, a recent study from Pew Research Center confirmed that Green Card numbers are on the rise again.

This is obviously big news for those wanting to migrate to the USA, as it means waiting times will hopefully drop again. It’s big news for us at US Green Card Office, too, as it means we can get back to doing what we love.

Let’s take a look at the Green Card numbers to see what’s happening.

Green Cards Numbers and Covid

We don’t need to focus too heavily on the pandemic itself because we’re probably all a bit sick of it by now. However, what we should consider is how border lockdowns impacted those wishing to migrate to the US.

Pew Research Center found that Green Card numbers dropped to a quarterly low of 79,000 in the middle of 2020. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as it was quite difficult to move to a different country while the borders were shut.

The study found that, unsurprisingly, Green Cards issued to immigrants already in the US didn’t fall as sharply. But, with US consulates remaining shut well into 2021, it was difficult to provide would-be migrants with Green Cards. Between April and June of 2020, only 19,000 Green Cards were issued to new immigrants, compared with an average of 134,000 per quarter in previous years.

Green Card Numbers

Green Cards Numbers on the Rebound

With Green Card numbers that low, any increase in issued Green Cards would be almost immediately noticeable. That said, in the final quarter of the 2021 fiscal year (July to September), numbers jumped up to 282,000 issued Green Cards.

This is higher than any quarter since April to June of 2017 and is higher than the quarterly average from 2015 to March 2020. But why is this the case?

The answer will probably be obvious, particularly to anyone waiting for a Green Card. USCIS is trying to catch up with the backlog of applications, as many of the people waiting have been doing so since the start of the pandemic. The department advises that current waiting times can be as much as 33 months.

Of course, not all statistics have returned to their pre-pandemic levels. The study found that temporary visas (business, tourism, etc.) are still low. For example, in the last quarter of 2021, student visas had reached about two-thirds of their pre-pandemic numbers. So, while we’re on the right track, there’s still a long way to go yet.

For more information and in-depth analysis of the Green Card Numbers, check out the full immigration report made by Pew Research Center.

Starting Your Green Card Application through US Green Card Office

These Green Card numbers are promising for anyone wanting to permanently move to the US. If you’re planning to do so, start your application soon because the waiting times are still very high.

Alternatively, start an application for the Diversity Visa Program also known as the Green Card Lottery through US Green Card Office. We can help you complete and submit your application, and, if you win, it’s a much easier route into the United States of America!

Moving to the United States is a big decision for most people worldwide. You should always seek help from a professional immigration service such as US Green Card Office. We have assisted millions of applicants over the past 24 years with immigration matters to the USA. Our immigration team and lawyers are ready to help you and your family. Just reach out to our team to get the best chance of moving to the United States of America.

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