Green Card Interview

Green Card Interview

Green Card Interview

How to Succeed with Your Green Card Interview

A green card interview can cause a great deal of anxiety since it plays an important role in deciding whether or not you will be able to immigrate to the United States. The good news is that you can alleviate some of this anxiety by preparing for your interview in advance . Typically you have about one month from the time you receive the date of your green card interview. Using this time wisely will help to ensure your interview is successful. Here are a few tips:


It is important to be sure that you arrive on time for your interview. It is not unusual for interviewees to arrive well in advance of the interview. Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the time your interview is supposed to begin. Being present in advance will also give you time to compose yourself and relax.

When you are late this could heighten your anxiety and compromise your ability to focus on the questions being asked during the interview. In the event it is a marriage interview and your case is complex make sure you wait until your attorney is present before you begin the interview.

Organize in Advance

Take the time to get yourself organized in advance of your interview and remember to keep it simple. Double check to make sure you have all of the necessary documentation and that it is properly organized in the right order.

Avoid carrying a lot of personal items with you such as a purse stuffed with items you don’t need for the interview, your cell phone, and other items. This will make you look scattered and will make the process of entering the immigration building complicated. Most buildings where your interview is held prohibit cell phones and any items that could pose a threat to security such as sharp objects and other potentially dangerous items.

Listen Carefully

Although you may be nervous during the interview, keep reminding yourself to listen carefully to the questions you are being asked. Some of the questions you will be asked will be the same questions that you answered on the green card application so make sure the information your provide coincides with the application.

Take your time answering the questions and allow yourself to think about the questions being asked. If you answer quickly or your take too much time to answer this may raise a red flag in the mind of the interviewer. Achieve a balance when answering the questions.

Dress Code

Although there is no written dress code for a green card interview, the way you dress also plays an important role in the decision process. Dressing conservatively is the best way to go. Men should dress in a suit and women in formal business attire. The way you dress provides unspoken messages about your personality and demeanor so keep it conservative.

Finally, study the green card interview questions in advance and practice them as much as you feel it will help you. If you invest the time to prepare your chances are better of having a successful interview.

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