Joe Biden revokes the Green Card Application Ban

Green Card Application

US President Joe Biden may have only been in office a month, but he’s already made his pro-immigration stance perfectly clear. Along with a range of executive orders signed in his first week, Biden has now overturned another controversial Trump Green Card Application administration ban.

Green Card Application
President Joe Biden signs an executive order at the White House [Jonathan Ernst – Reuters]

Executive order designed to revoke the Green card Application ban

During his term, Trump announced Presidential Proclamation 100014, which effectively blocked a large number of green card applications. His reasoning was to protect US jobs due to high unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as usual, it’s fair to assume there was a more nefarious reason at play in his decision-making.

But on February 24, President Joe Biden announced an executive order designed to overturn this ban. In his statement, Biden claimed that Trump’s measure did in fact not protect US jobs, but rather harmed them. Importantly, the measure prevented many potential applicants from taking part in the US Diversity Visa Lottery, also known as the Green Card Lottery.

Trump’s measure also prevented those whose families had already moved to the US from joining them. This resulted in many families being trapped in limbo during the stressful time of the pandemic.

However, while Biden’s removal of the ban is definitely a step in the right direction, it’s certainly not the end of the issue. The nearly year-long ban has created a massive backlog in applications. If not handled correctly, it could take Biden’s entire term to sort out.

In order to counteract this backlog, Biden’s administration will need to think up some effective policies for streamlining the system. Of course, one helpful measure will be the increase Biden previously announced in the number of Green Card visa lottery application places.

Joe Biden’s plan to move forward with US Immigration

It is Joe Biden’s plan to move forward and increase the annual limit from 55,000 to 80,000 available Green Cards via the Diversity Visa Lottery. This is a step in the right direction, but obviously doesn’t factor in the increased interest in American visa applications.

Of course, it’s expected that Biden’s immigration policies will be met with resistance by Republicans in both houses. However, now that the Democrats have a majority, we can only hope that this resistance will be little more than lip service.

Biden’s latest executive order isn’t aimed solely at Green Card Application submissions, but it’ll definitely have an impact on the Diversity Visa Immigrant Program. Along with his removal of the ban on Muslim-majority countries, it’s fair to assume that the Diversity Visa Lottery will see a massive increase in applicants, both this year and the next.

However, we at the US Green Card Office welcome this increase. After all, America has plenty to offer would-be immigrants in terms of employment and living standards. Making visas more widely available will also have a positive impact on the American economy, which needs to enter a phase of recovery very soon.

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