Avoid Being Scammed in the Green Card Program

Green Card Program

Knowing how to avoid being scammed in the Green Card Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, involves good judgment and correct information. The Green Card Program offers many people the chance to live and work in the US without the typical Visa and Green Card Requirements.

However, this desirable proposition makes it a perfect market for scams. There are hundreds of websites that claim to guarantee selection or provide tips on how to game the system.

This, unfortunately, is too common. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to avoid being scammed in the Green Card Program. Of course, scams are constantly evolving, so use these tips as the basis for asking the right questions about a service.

Green Card Program
Avoid Being Scammed in the Green Card Program to get the best chance of getting a Green Card for the United States.

Why use a Green Card Program Service?

Although you can choose to apply for the US Green Card Program on your own, there are many complications that can come with this decision, especially if you are a winning entrant. For this reason, many immigrants choose to seek the assistance of someone who is knowledgeable about the process to ensure every step is executed correctly.

But this is where the potential for scams comes in. If people unfamiliar with a service require help, their lack of knowledge can be used against them. At best, being scammed results in someone losing money. At worst, it involves having their identity stolen and sold.

Providing you find a legitimate service like US Green Card Office, the benefits drastically outweigh the risks. The main advantage is that your application is more likely to be accepted, as you’ve got expert guidance when completing it. Also, some services will support your move to the US, which can be a big help. For you to get a better understanding of the free vs. paid service provided by the USGCO we recommend you look at the Free vs Paid Green Card Lottery comparison chart.

How to Avoid Being Scammed in the US Green Card Program

Although scams can take many forms, they luckily fall into a few common brackets. Below is a summary of different potential scams you might find when applying for the Diversity Visa Program.

False Promises from Fraudulent Websites

If the website guarantees that you will be a winning entrant in the US Green Card Program, avoid it at all costs. The US government has a random selection process that is accomplished via a computer program. There is no way around this, which means there is no guarantee that you will become a winning entrant.

However, this isn’t the same as a service guaranteeing acceptance of your application. This is something US Green Card Office states. We’ll make sure your application is accepted into the Program by checking you haven’t made any mistakes and have submitted the correct forms. But this only means you’re one step closer to selection. Don’t confuse the two guarantees when looking for a service to use.

All you can do is ensure you understand the process and that all registration steps are taken care of properly. This is what will increase your chances of winning the US Green Card Program.

Submission Costs

Entering the Green Card Program is free if you submit via the US Government’s website. However, a submission service charges money, which pays for their knowledge and expertise when filling out your application. This is what their service does, so it’s not unreasonable for them to charge for it.

If the website asks for a highly unreasonable fee to help you apply for the US Green Card Program, this is a sign that it is all about the money and you should question their competence. You may end up paying an exorbitant fee that buys you more headaches in the long run if the application is filled out improperly, submitted late, or worse yet, not submitted at all.

So, the best way to avoid being scammed is to know a reasonable rate for a service like this. We recommend only looking at services that charge $80-$200 per application. Any more or less implies it’s not legitimate. If you want to know what the money is for, ask them directly. A legitimate website should provide you with a breakdown of the services your payment gets.

USCIS Affiliation

The website may try to tell you that they are an official with the United States Government and, because of their affiliation, they have a track record of success with every US Green Card Program application. Don’t fall for this and instead check on their background and credentials. If you can, talk with someone who has used their service. If you are still in any way uncomfortable or uncertain then move on.

It’s worth noting that even legitimate services aren’t affiliated with USCIS. Because submission is free and possible via the Government’s website, there’s no reason for it to be affiliated with paid services.

This isn’t to say you should avoid all paid services, though. In fact, a legitimate service should be quite vocal about its lack of affiliation with USCIS. The best way to avoid being scammed in the Green Card Program is to check the website’s Legal Statement. It should state explicitly that it’s not affiliated with the U.S. State Department or USCIS. If it says anything else, stay away from it, and even consider reporting it to USCIS.

Unsolicited Contact

If someone contacted you when you did not request it, be careful before you commit to their offer. In fact, your best bet is to completely ignore the message, as no legitimate website would contact you first.

A common scam is for someone to contact you stating that you have been chosen to receive a Green Card. Then they ask for a large sum of money, usually several thousand of dollars, for you to receive the green card, which turns out to be bogus and is not recognized by the Department of State. Be suspicious of unsolicited emails or phone calls claiming you have been chosen for a Green Card.

This shouldn’t come as a shock and isn’t even related directly to the Green Card Program. Remember that a legitimate service will only reach out to you if you’ve made contact first, whether this is through their website or social media pages. If you’re concerned about a message you’ve received – either from the service or someone posing as them – contact them via their website. They’ll be able to confirm whether or not they sent the initial message.

Another useful point is to check the service’s social media presence. A big following doesn’t mean a legitimate service, but it’s usually a sign of one. Look for user reviews or statements, and even consider making contact with some to check whether they’re real.

Picking the Right Service

These tips should help you avoid being scammed in the Green Card Program. Picking a service that’s legitimate and meets your needs can still be difficult, though, as it relies on judgment.

That said, we advise you use our website to apply for the Green Card Program. Visit our support section to find out more information. Of course, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the service we provide or if you want to confirm we’re the real deal!

If you have already decided to apply using our paid value-added service then submit an application online directly on our website using this link www.usgreencardoffice.com/apply

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