American Visa Application

American Visa Application

For visiting the United States of America, people require visas. But you must know which type of visa will suit the purpose of your visit before you apply for it. There are different visas that one can apply for like, work visa, student visa, tourist visa and green card lottery visa. Getting an American Visa can be a cumbersome task since there is a rigorous immigration process that has to be followed and the US government has an assumption that people visit the US with an eye to permanently reside there. A few guidelines can help to smooth the process to get an American visa.

There are two types of American visa:

  1. Immigrant visa:- The people who desire to permanently reside in the US are given a US Immigrant visa. If you want to apply for this visa, then you have to be sponsored by a resident of the US. The person who is willing to sponsor the visa applicant has to submit an affidavit to the US embassy stating his/her financial capacity.
  2. Non Immigrant Visa:- People who want to enter the American territory for some business meeting, education, vacation, medical treatment etc but are residents outside America’s domestic circle are provided with a non immigrant visa.

American Visa Application


The process for American Visa Application is as follows:-

  • To visit the US embassy, an appointment has to be taken by the visa consulate. The appointment could be taken either through email or telephone. Prior to approaching the US embassy, one needs to confirm the fees for US visa interview and also the mode in which the payment is to be made.
  • All the mandatory documents are to be carried to the embassy like a valid passport, application form which should be fully filled along with the documents to support the form which have details of employment, the purpose of travel to US and proof of financial capability for payment of visa fees.
  • The application form, passport and all other documents of the American visa application are to be submitted to the US embassy or Visa consulate. The visa approval takes a stipulated time period of four weeks. But the approval or denial is not guaranteed since it totally depends on the discretion of the Visa officer.
  • All the information which is submitted by the visa applicant is then thoroughly scrutinized through a security database. If there is any error in the documents, then the process is automatically stopped and can get delayed due to security reasons.

Consulting a Visa agent proves to be quite beneficial in increasing your chance to get your American visa application approved. They have the expertise in visa assistance and ensure better chances for success in getting approval for your visa.

Obtaining a visa to travel to the United States of America can be quite a difficult job. But a well-planned endeavor which meets all requirements of the process as well as consultation with a US visa professional will certainly prove to be rewarding.

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