Washington is located in the Pacific-Northwest region of the USA


Washington is situated in the Pacific-Northwest of USA. The state is bordered by Idaho and Oregon, and also sharing an international border with the province of British Columbia in Canada. Some Native American tribes were known to have explored the land prior to European exploration in the late 1700s, following the exploration of the British, Russians and Spanish Lewis and Clark visited the region in 1805. Washington is said to be the 18th largest U.S. state possessing 71,362 square miles in land area. It is also the 13th most populated U.S. state and 25th most densely populated U.S. state with about 6,971,406 people. Washington was then admitted to the state union as the 42nd U.S. state on November 11, 1889.

Washington is known to be a leading producer in lumber production. The state rugged surface is rich in hemlock, ponderosa and white pine, stands of Douglas fir, larch, spruce, and cedar. Washington can also boast to be a leader in the production of apples, lentils, raspberries, hops, pears, red spearmint oil, dry edible peas and sweet cherries, and ranks high in grapes, apricots, peppermint oil, asparagus and potatoes. Livestock products also make some important contributions to the state total farm revenue and the commercial fishing of halibut, salmon and bottom fish also makes a significant contribution to Washington’s economy.

Washington manufacturing industries include shipbuilding, aircraft, missiles and other transportation equipment. Others includes lumber, metals and metal products, food processing, machinery and chemicals.

Landmarks in Washington includes; A J Bolon Historic Monument, which was built in remembrance of the special Indian agent A.J. Bolon who was killed by American Indians in 1855; Benewah Milk Bottle, constructed to advertise the Benewah Dairy Company; Mount St. Helens, which was created for research, education and recreation; Space Needle, featuring a 520 feet tall observation deck, 500 feet sky city restaurant and a gift shop; Teapot Dome Service Station. Other Landmarks are; Hanging Tree Historical Monument, Admiral Mine and Mill, Wind River Arboretum, Nippon, Kan Theater, Battery Street Subway.

It is believed that there is no place quite like Washington in the world. The state has Unique coastlines that is magical and paradise-like, beautiful mountains that you and your family can explore, with scenic trails and peaks, you will get the endless adventurous life in the state. Some state in USA don't experience all four seasons individually, but Washington experiences all and bring beautiful scenery to the state all year. Washington wine, beer and coffee is one of a kind as you will also find various type. The citizens of the state do take care of their environment as they carry out recycling, composting and renewable energy. The state is a place for fishers, boaters or people who love canoeing or kayaking as there are hundreds of rivers, lakes, and streams, there seems to be no shortage of water. The people are exciting to be with and compassionate especially when it comes to pets, there are also lot of opportunities in the state where you can build your career and business.

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