Green Card Lottery FAQ


Green Card Lottery FAQ about the Green Card Lottery

Green Card Lottery FAQ

The Green Card Lottery faq is another way to acquire lawful permanent residence in the United States provided you are from a country that is underrepresented by USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

When you apply for the Green Card Lottery it is important to make sure every step is done correctly to avoid the possibility of disqualification.

For these reasons, many people ask common questions with regard to the Green Card Lottery to ensure the process of application is done correctly and on time for the selection process.

If you have questions with regard to the Green Card Lottery here are some of the common questions people ask when considering the application process.


When is the deadline for Green Card Lottery faq applications?


Green Card Lottery application submission typically takes place between the first week in October and the last week in November of every year.

Typically when you submit your application there is a waiting period of up to one year.  For example, if you submitted your application in 2021 the application is actually for the 2022 Green Card Lottery with the official name of DV-2024. The winners will be announced in May the following year.


Can I submit the application myself or should I use a submission service?


If you are absolutely certain you can submit the application correctly then it is possible to go through the process on your own.

However, if you are unsure about any aspects of the Green Card Lottery faq process it is best to work with a trustworthy service like US Green Card Office that is knowledgeable on the submission process.

If any aspect of your application is done incorrectly it may disqualify you from the selection process.

To get a better understanding and the difference between the free DIY Application and the paid value-added professional immigration service from US Green Card Office please have a close look at our Diversity Visa Lottery comparison chart before you submit an application.


How does the Green Card Lottery selection process work?


Once your application is submitted the Green Card Lottery service center goes through the applications and organizes them according to geographic area.

This usually results in six different groups before the applications are randomly selected using a computer-generated process.  Once you are selected you will be notified of your selection by US Green Card Office if you have paid for their value-added service. If you have chosen to use the free service you will not be notified and would have to check if you are selected by using the Green Card Lottery Winner Checking System provided by US Green Card Office for free.

Because the selection process is accomplished using a computerized system, any flaws in your application will be picked up by the computer and can cause you to be rejected from the process.

You will also face disqualification if the U.S. Department of State staff finds missing information in your application.


How long after you are selected for the Green Card Lottery can you apply for an immigrant visa?


The grace period for applying for a visa is defined by fiscal year.  For example, if you are selected for the 2021 (DV-2023) lottery you are allowed to apply for a visa only during US Government fiscal year 2023, which is from October 1, 2022, through September 30, 2023.  You must apply during this time frame after you have been notified of selection.

We encourage Green Card Winners to apply for visas as early as possible once their confirmation/application numbers are selected.


What if my country of origin is not an eligible country for the Green Card Lottery?


If you are originally from a country that does not qualify for the Green Card Lottery you cannot apply for this year’s program.  However, if you are married to someone who is from a qualifying Green Card country then it is possible to claim your spouse’s country as your country of origin (also known as your native country) and then you are eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery faq or you can apply and we will submit your application for the first upcoming lottery where your country qualifies.


What if I have citizenship status in a country that is eligible but it is not my country of birth?


If you hold a citizenship status or passport in a country that is eligible but you were not born in that country you cannot participate in the Green Card Lottery faq.  This is because the immigration laws state that you must be a native of the country which is eligible for the Green Card Lottery.

These are a few of the common questions people ask when considering participation in the Green Card Lottery.  If you want to research the topic further you will find answers to other questions in our Green Card Lottery FAQ


You are also always welcome to contact our support if you cannot find an answer to your question. ASK OUR SUPPORT

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