Wyoming is located in the western part of the United States


Wyoming is located in the western part of the United States. The state shares borders with Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Colorado. Before the European exploration and settlement, the region of Wyoming was inhabited by various Native American tribes. The Spanish and the Mexican's made claim to own the Wyoming's land but in the year 1848 the Wyoming territory was ceded to the United States. It was known as the Territory of Wyoming in 1865, and became the 44th U.S. to be admitted to the union on.

Wyoming is regarded as the 10th largest U.S. state with 97,814 square miles in land area. It is the 50th most populated U.S. state and the 49th most densely populated state with approximately 582,658 people in population. Wyoming is known to be a leader in coal-production and a top player in the production of natural gas and petroleum. The world's largest sodium carbonate (Natrona) deposits can be found in Wyoming and the state also have the country's second largest uranium deposits.

Considering the agricultural sector, Wyoming is a leading producer of sheep and wool, and also a major producer of hogs and beef cattle. Major crops in the state include barley, wheat, sugar beets, corn, oats and alfalfa. Wyoming also possess vast plains and towering mountains that provides spectacular scenery and create grazing lands for sheep and cattle which are also rich in mineral deposits.

Landmarks in Wyoming includes; The Ames Monument, a 60 feet tall and four sided random ashlar pyramid dedicated to brothers Oakes and Oliver Ames; Bates Battlefield, the battle to capture Arapahoe Indian thieves robbing trains and small camps occurred on this site; Bill Hooker Monument,; Bozeman Trail Monument, A route connecting the gold rush territory of Montana to the Oregon trail; Burnt Ranch Historical Monument, the name 'Burnt Ranch was given to this site because the Indians burnt down this station; Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, the oldest and one of the largest public site for renewable energy functions as a traditional public botanic garden; Devils Tower National Monument, the 1267 feet monument played a huge role in the movie titled 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'; Museum of American west, some part of this museum consist of a country owned museum, walking path, picnic pavilion, and a living history village; Old Faithful, this geo thermal wonder can cause an eruption that can shoot over 8,400 gallons of hot water to a height of at least 106 feet; Wind River Indian Reservation; Wyoming Honor Farm; The state Capitol.

There are some unique things about Wyoming which will make you want to live in the state. The people of Wyoming loves helping others even if they will go out of their way. With the wide open spaces in the state, there is always a sense of freedom, and there are also lots of outdoor activities you can engage in. With its various landscape consisting of prairies, deserts, and mountains, the state has somethings to offer everyone.

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