Wisconsin is situated in the north-central part of the USA


Wisconsin is situated in the north-central part of United States. The state is bordered by Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. The region was inhabited by various Native tribes for thousands of years prior to the European exploration. A French explorer was believed to be the first to visit the region in the 1600s, but the first permanent settlers was believed to start living in the land in 1700s. After the American Revolutionary War, the U.S. gained possession of the Wisconsin Territory and was then admitted to the state union as the 30th state on.

Wisconsin is ranked as the 23rd largest U.S. state with 65,497.82 square miles in land area. It is the 20th most populated U.S. state and the 23rd most densely populated state with approximately 5,726,398 people in population. Wisconsin is known to be a leading state in production of milk and cheese. Other notable farm products in the state are peas, potatoes, beans, corn, hay, beets, oats, and cranberries.

The major industrial products in the state are furniture, automobiles, beer, machinery, paper, and processed foods. Wisconsin is also known to rank first among the paper-producing states. The state's mining industry also produce iron ore, lead, copper, and zinc. Wisconsin possess over 14,000 lakes, of which Winnebago is the largest lake of all. Water sports, ice-boating, fishing, skiing and hunting are popular activities in the state.

Landmarks in Wisconsin includes; America's Black Holocaust Museum, a museum dedicated mainly to the victims of the enslavement of Africans in the country; Wisconsin State Capitol, known to be the tallest building in Madison, Dane County. Other Landmarks in the state are; Rainbow Flowage, Bowling Hall of Fame, Washington Park Zoo, Bad River, Indian Reservation, Charles Allis Art Museum, Noland Zoology Building, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Synagogue.

Living in Wisconsin will leave an indelible mark, and even if you find yourself leaving the state, you will be able to reflect on the special moment you had in the state. The state is rich in fresh produce, and amazing food. You will definitely love the state looks with a fresh coat of snow as it is stunning. There are stunning rock formations and waterfalls in the state majorly in Glaciers, there is a link between the farming community and the state, which you can't find that anywhere else in the state. Considering the weather in the state, the fall season always look gorgeous and you will love the view. You will also love the sunset view of the state. Citizens of the state are lovers of football and love investing in their team. Lastly, wildlife is a huge part of Wisconsin as they do let dogs out in the morning. If you end up living in Wisconsin, you are guaranteed to have a perfect stay and nice experience.

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