Discover the Beauty and Riches of Vermont in United States


Vermont is located in the northeastern part of the United States, in the New England region. The state shares borders with New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Vermont also shares an international border with the Canadian province of Quebec. Vermont is the 45th biggest state in the country with 9,620 square miles in land area, it is also ranked the 49th most populated U.S. state with over 647,064 (2022) people and it is ranked as the 30th most densely populated state. Before the European settlement, the land was mainly inhabited by the Iroquois Indians and Abenaki. Much of the region was claimed by France, but ceded the land in the Seven Years' War to the British. Vermont was then admitted into the state union as the 14th U.S. state on March 4, 1791.

Vermont is known to be the nation leader in the production of monument granite, maple products, and marble. The state is also a leader in the production of talc. Vermont is known to have rugged and rocky terrain which discourages extensive agricultural farming, but it is good for raising fruit trees and to dairy farming. Major industrial products in Vermont include fabricated metal products, electrical equipment, paper and allied products, and printing and publishing.

Another major industry in Vermont is Tourism. Vermont's various famous ski areas include Stowe, Mt. Snow, Killington, Okemo, Sugar bush, and Jay Peak. Fishing and Hunting also attract many visitors to Vermont each year.

Landmarks in Vermont includes, Coolidge Homestead located in Windsor County, this was once the home of Calvin Coolidge who was the 13th president of the United State; Vermont State House, this is the state capitol house which was designed in 1857 and opened in the year 1859. Other Landmarks are, Crown Point Road Monument, Synagogue Ahavath, Gerim, Hill School, Samuel Reed Hall Monument, River City Arts and White River Theater, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Springfield Art and Historical Society Museum, Monument Plaza Shopping Center. There are so many things about Vermont that touches the heart and soul and will make you live in the Green Mountain State. The state fresh air is never taken for granted and it is everywhere you go, as it brings clear nights. The state agricultural product is always fresh. The state waterfall is also relaxing and the sights and sounds are soothing. You can also get a place that you can relax privately and be alone enjoying the silence along with your thought. The citizens of Vermont are known to be genuinely good people and that's the fact. You will love that Vermont blue sky, Mountain and there is always a new thing to find about Vermont whether you are enjoying your day under a shady tree or you are hiking a mountain. Since the state is small, it doesn't take long to get to wherever you are going to.

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