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The State is situated in the southern mid-west of the United States. Utah borders Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. It is the thirteenth biggest state with about 84,899 square miles in land area. Utah is the 33rd most populated U.S. state, with around 3,700,000 people in population, making it ranked as the 41st most densely populated state in the country. Preceding the Spanish exploration of the land, the Native Americans occupied it, and Salt Lake City was made the first significant settlement by Mormons feeling indictment in the 1800s. The United States later procured the land through a treaty after the Mexican War. After the Mexican War, the U.S. procured the locale through settlement. Utah was then admitted into the state union as the 45th U.S. state on January 4, 1896.

The state is richly blessed in natural resources, Utah is known to be a leading producer of gold, copper, silver, zinc, lead, potassium salts, and molybdenum. Other major products from the state include Oil and natural gas. Utah is also known to be the only state that produces gilsonite, a pure form of asphalt used in dark colored printing inks and paints, foundry sands additives, asphalt modifiers, oil well drilling muds and cements, and a wide variety of chemical products.

Landmarks in Utah include Dinosaur National Monument Quarry, where the dinosaur wall contains hundreds of dinosaur fossils consisting of a steeply titled rock layer for the purpose of public viewing; the rock has been away; and Golden Spike National Historic Site, located in Promontory Summit. This railroad was completed on May 10, 1869. Other Landmarks are Tabernacle Crater, Diamond Battle Historical Monument, Monument Valley Adventist Hospital, Hogle, Zoological Gardens, John Cameron Troughs, Cavern Passage, Temple Granite Quarry Historical Monument, and Cameron Troughs.

Utah is a great place to live, and you will be glad to call it home. The state mountains in the spring are awesome and beautiful in sight, not forgetting the awesome summer, splendid fall, and incredible winter season. Sundance Film Festival is always awesome, as Sundance is committed to films that feature more than just car crashes and explosions. There are millions of twinkle lights in the state, which you will appreciate. There are also snows, yes, lots of them in the state. Utah is known to be family, whether you have your family with you or not there are a lots of people you can mix with and do a lot of things with. The Utah tomatoes and corn are ripe and delicious in July. Hiking is a common activity in the state, as a new pair of boots can quickly get broken. It doesn't really matter if you came from somewhere else or you were born here. Utah is always home, and that's where your heart should be.

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