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Tennessee state is located in the southeastern region of United States. The state is bordered by Virginia, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. The land was initially explored by the Spanish Hernando de Soto in 1540, the Tennessee region was later owned by both England and France due to the explorations of Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, Sieur de la Salle, James Needham and Gabriel Arthur in the 1670s and 1680s. After the Indian and French Wars in 1763 the region was ceded to Great Britain.

It is the 36th biggest state in the country with over 42,143 square miles in land area. Tennessee is the seventeenth most populated U.S. state with around 7 million people in population and it is ranked 21st most densely populated state in America. Before the European settlement claim, the region was initially possessed by the Native Americans. Although the Spanish was the first explorer of the land, but both the British and French also made claim to the region and on June 1, 1796 Tennessee was admitted to the Union as the sixteenth U.S. state.

The state is known for its industrial activities; majority of the state populace lives in urban areas. Major products manufactured in the state includes chemicals, clothing and textiles, electrical hardware, furniture, and leather products. Other products include food processing, lumber, essential metals, and metallic products. Tennessee also ranks well in the production of zinc, marble, pyrite, and clay.

Landmarks in Tennessee includes AT & T Building, known as The batman building which was designed to resemble a telephone receiver sitting in its cradle, it is also the tallest building in the state; Bell Witch Cave, a magical cave so to say, as visitors to the case have reported hearing strange sounds and seeing strange things, located in Robertson County; Peabody Hotel; Tennessee State Capitol, the building cornerstone was laid on July 4 1845 and was completed in 1859; Tennessee State Museum, One of the largest state museum in the country with over 70,000 square feet of space. Other landmarks are Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, Fairview Harbor, Memphis Zoological Garden, Hunter Museum of Art, Baron Hirsch Synagogue.

Living in a state where the citizens have fostered much adoration for the land, with lot of mountains, fields of cotton, and valleys. The people of Tennessee are great in making BBQ, hot chicken, and of course the biscuits, they are all just great. The state four seasons are incredible which makes life easier in the state and spectacular. When you are talking about whiskey, then you mean Tennessee, as the state have the bestselling American whiskey in the world in Jack Daniel. If you want to launch your country music career, then you should consider going to the Bluebird Cafe, as this is the place most country greats began their career. There are beautiful pedestrian bridges. There is this great relationship between the young and the Old in the state. Lastly, the state music city, Nashville, has made great news around the world and the citizens are proud of that. Do you know Grand Ole Opry? Head out to Tennessee and discover this everlasting legacy.

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