Explore the Beauty and Rich History of Oklahoma in the USA


Oklahoma is bordered by Missouri and Arkansas to the east, Texas across the Red River to the southwest, New Mexico across the narrow side of Oklahoma Panhandle to the west, Colorado and Kansas to the northern part. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was the first Spaniard to search the area in 1541. United States acquired most of Oklahoma land in the year 1803 in the Louisiana Purchase from France making the Western Panhandle become U.S territory with annexation of Texas in 1845.

In 1834, the land was set aside as an Indian territory; the area was divided into two territories (Indian Territory and Oklahoma territory) on May 2, 1890. The two territories were then joined to make the state of Oklahoma on November 16, 1907. On April 22, 1889, the first homesteading day was allowed, and 50,000 people filled the region. Oklahoma's land area is 69919 square miles (181,090 square kilometers), with 3.987 million people in population, according to the 2021 census.

The state was admitted into the union on November 16, 1907 as the 46th state, the capital and largest city, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma State is known to be rich in oil but gas production now overtook it. Petroleum refining, meat packaging, food processing and industrial applications (especially oil and vegetables) are all important industry in the state. Oklahoma produces minerals like gypsum, cement, zinc, copper, coal, and silver.

Oklahoma is also rich in bumper wheat harvest and the main crops like corn, straw, cotton, and peanuts. More than half of Oklahoma agricultural receipts are contributed by animal products such as meat, dairy products, pork and broilers. In the early 1900s, Oklahoma is known to be the home of the democrats, the Republican Party won just two presidential elections in 1920 and 1928, however, since 1952, the Oklahoma political power changed and Republican presidential candidates have carried the state in every election except in 1964. Since 2000 no democratic presidential candidate has won a county.

The landmarks in Oklahoma includes the Cherokee National Capitol, which serves as Cherokee government headquarters when Oklahoma became a state, the building was built in an Italian style; Oklahoma City National Memorial, the 3.3 acres of land is known to be the largest memorial in the country, built for the souls that were lost during the 1995 bombing of the Alfred Federal building.

Other Oklahoma landmarks include The Pioneer Woman Monument, Altus Air Force Base, Rainbow Church of God-Christ, McCurtain Indian Reservation, Oklahoma State Capitol, Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, and Three Sticks Monument.

There are so many things to love about Oklahoma, the beauty, the citizen’s lifestyle and much more will stir you up to live in the state. Beautiful sight of the state includes the grand lake, Lake Eufaula, the big green mountains which is one of the ecological regions in the state. The unemployment rate in the state is 4.9% which guarantees availability of job when you move to the state. Lastly, the state has this never quit spirit which radiate amongst its citizen, they are known to rise stronger no matter what bring them down.

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