Ohio saw intense fighting in the 1790s for control over its land


Ohio known as the Midwestern state is bordered by Pennsylvania to the northeast, West Virginia to the southeast and Kentucky to the south along the Ohio River, Indiana to the west, and Michigan and Lake Erie to the north. Ohio was first explored by the French Robert Cavelier, Sieu de la Salle in 1669, British overtook Ohio territory after the French and Indian Wars. United States soon acquired the land of Ohio after the Revolutionary War in 1783. Marietta was the first permanent settlement to be established in 1783

There was intense fighting among the Indians in Ohio in 1790s, with a major battle happening at fallen timbers in 1794. Ohio land area is 41,222 square miles (106,765 square kilometers) with population of over 11,536,504, with an increase of 1.6% from the 2000 census. The capital and largest city of Ohio is Columbus. Ohio was admitted into the state union as the 17th state on March 1, 1803.

Ohio is one of the country's frontrunner in the industrial sector, with a large employers base, the state is ranked third in manufacturing employment nationwide. Ohio’s major cities boast of major manufacturing centers. Part of which is Cincinnati known for jet engines and machine tools, Akron is known for rubber, Canton for roller bearings, Youngstown and Steubenville for steel, Cleveland for auto assembly, auto parts, and steel; Toledo for glass and auto parts, Dayton office equipment, cooling, heating and automatic variable Dayton for office machines, refrigeration, and heating and auto equipment, Youngstown and Steubenville for steel and Toledo for glass and auto parts.

Ohio is also known to be a major producer in farm products like corn, wheat, greenhouse and nursery products, hay, fruits, apples, wheat, peaches, strawberries, grapes. More than half of agricultural Ohio prices to dairy, sheep, pig breeding. Ohio ranks fourth in lime production among other states and ranks high in sand, stone and gravel.

Ohio landmark include the Akron Art Museum, was first known to be a school, but was later transformed into a museum in 1965; Athens Lunatic Asylum, popularly known as the Ridges; Carnegie Public Library, Andrew Carnegie was a major contributor to the success of this building which was dedicated on May 8, 1902; Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens located in Franklin County; Creegan Animation Factory, where costume and animated characters are being manufactured; East Liverpool High School Alumni Clock Tower; First Federal Land Office located in Jefferson County; Gnadenhutten Massacre Monument; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; National Underground Railroad Freedom Center; World War I Memorial; and many more landmarks.

Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the country, which means there are various opportunities to come across when living in the state. The people of Ohio are known to be diehard fans of their respective sport team so there is no place for bandwagon fans. If you are looking for a rock and roll state, Ohio is the perfect place to rock. Lastly, one of Ohio place of fun is their amusement park, there are lots of fun and excitement there which will make your experience living in Ohio pleasant.

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