Explore the Rich and Vibrant Culture of North Carolina, USA


The state is bordered by South Carolina and Georgia to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Tennessee to the west and Virginia to the north. The British colonists that were sent by Sir Walter Raleigh, tried unsuccessfully to settle in Roanoke Island between the year 1585 and 1587, Virginia Dare was the English child of an English parent to be born on American soil, North Carolina specifically in 1587. This was the origin of the British on the land.

The first permanent settlement of British colonists was set up near Roanoke and Chowan River in Virginia in 1653. It was founded as a colony of the British monarch in 1663 to 1665, and is in its early history was the Culpepper’s rebellion site in 1677, the Tuscarora Indian War from 1711 to 1713, the Quaker-led Cary Rebellion in 1708 and many other pirate raids. During the American War of Independence, there were little battle, but it was recorded that the people of the state saw some actions elsewhere. Carolina was able to join the confederacy during the civil war despite the pro union and antislavery sentiment.

North Carolina land area is 52,586 square miles (136,198 square kilometers) with population just over 12 million people in 2024. The state capital is Raleigh and the state largest city is Charlotte. North Carolina was admitted into the statehood union on November 21, 1789 and was the 12th of the 13th original state to ratify the Constitution.

North Carolina is known to be a business state and was ranked the third best state by Forbes magazine for business in 2010. The main agricultural products are corn, peanuts, tobacco, hay, cotton, and vegetable crops. The state is also a leading producer of mica and lithium in the country. Tourism is also a major attraction in the state, with visitors spending over $1 billion yearly.

There are rich landmarks in North Carolina which includes Asheville Art Museum, located in Buncombe County; Belk Theater, a 2100 capacity theater in Charlotte; Biltmore House, the 175,000 square feet home is known to be the largest privately owned home in the country; Botanical Gardens at Asheville located in Buncombe County; Cape Hatteras Light, known as the tallest lighthouse in the United States; Chimney Rock State Park, you can see countryside view in this park and only accessible by elevator; Duke University, located in Durham; Folk Art Center, you get to see an auditorium, a library, craft shop and lots more in this center; Grove Arcade; North Carolina Botanical garden, a display garden with over 2100 species.

North Carolina is one of the friendliest states in the Country with patriotic individuals; living in the state shouldn’t be a problem. The state is known to love college football as everything can stop when this tournament begins. If you have the art lifestyle or you are into art, moving to North Carolina can be a step forward in your career as the state has a deep knowledge when it comes to art. Generally North Carolina is a place you will love to be.

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