Giovanni da Verrazano discovered New York Bay in 1524


An Italian-born Navigator named Giovanni da Verrazano who was known to be sailing for France, discovered New York Bay in 1524. Henry Hudson, an English man who was employed by the Dutch man got to the bay and sailed up the river that now bears the name in the year 1609. In the same year the northern part of New York was explored by Samuel de Champlain and claimed for France. Fort Orange (now called Albany) was the first permanent Dutch settlement established in 1624. A year after, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Indians in exchange for trinkets worth about 60 Dutch guilders and established the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam now called the New York city, which was then given to the English in the year1664.

New York is known to be the sixth most manufacturing state in the country situation boasting of over 446,200 workers in 2009. The major industries in the state are printing and publishing, industrial machinery and equipment, electronic equipment and instruments. Tourist attraction is also a major source of income in the state.

New York is also a leading producer of wine, agricultural products produced in the state include vegetables and fruits, corn and poultry, cattle and calves, vegetables and fruits. New York landmarks are what you will want to see as they are unique to the eyes. Some of this landmark includes 40 Wall Street, which is a 70 story skyscraper, the building was constructed in just 11 months in 1930; Astroland, a 3.1 acres of land located on Coney Island; Big Duck, this building was used by a farmer to sell his duck eggs and served as an advertising gimmick; Bronx Zoo, a 265 acres of land with over 4000 animal, the zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo nationwide; Brooklyn Bridge, is a 5989 feet long bridge connecting New York city and Brooklyn; Carnegie Hall, named after Andrew Carnegie; Charles B. Wang center, this building is used as cultural event center, conference venue and was also built to present an understanding between the Asian American values and the Asians; Chrysler Building, is a 1,047 ft building in height, known as the world’s tallest brick building; Ellis Island, the island is a home for immigrants; Empire state building, known to be the tallest building in New York; Flatiron Building, one of the oldest surviving skyscrapers in Manhattan.

Other Landmarks include Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Hall of Fame for Great Americans, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York State Capitol, New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, Panam Worldport JFK, Statue of Liberty, Woolworth Building.

A lot of people wish they were New Yorkers, you can’t blame them as there is no place quite like New York in the world. There are endless activities at your disposal in the state. Each neighborhood in the state has something unique like fashion, personalities and much more which makes you feel like traveling the world in a matter of minutes. Most Artists in the world tend to perform in the state which makes it the world entertainment capital. Hence, living in New York guarantees so much fun and excitement.

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