New Hampshire has interesting landmarks like Conway Scenic


The state is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont and Connecticut forming the border to the west, the Canadian province of Quebec to the northwest, and Maine including a small strip of the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Settlers were sent by Captain John smith under the English land grant to develop a fishing colony at the edge of the Piscataqua River near Rye and Dover in 1623. The name New Hampshire was given by Captain John Mason who is also a contributor in the creation of Portsmouth in 1630. New Hampshire was separated from Massachusetts to be a separate colony breaking the 38 year union with both states in 1679. As a leader in the revolutionary cause, the state delegates were given the honor to be the first to vote for the independence declaration on July 4, 1776. New Hampshire got the international attention in 1905 when the Portsmouth Naval Base played host to the signing of the agreement to bring the Russo-Japanese war to an end which is also known as known as the Treaty of Portsmouth. New Hampshire land area is 9,304 square miles (24,097 square kilometers) with population of over 1.5 million in 2024. The state capital is Concord and its largest city is Manchester. The declaration of New Hampshire statehood happened on June 21, 1788 making it the 9th state of the 13th states to ratify the Constitution. The state nickname is known as the Stone State. Water power abundance turned New Hampshire into a strong industrial state at the early stage and serves as a main source of income for the state. The main industrial products are electrical products, pulp and paper, machineries, textiles, stone and clay products. Major agricultural products include Milk, chickens, grow fruit and vegetables, corn, potatoes, and hay.

Tourism is also a major industry in the state because of its scenic and recreational resources, bringing about $3.5 billion to the state annually. New Hampshire has interesting landmarks which includes Conway Scenic Railroad, which is a heritage railroad located in North Conway; Mount Washington, known to be the highest peak at 6288 ft in the northeastern part of the country; North Conway Railroad Station located in North Conway of Carroll County, New Hampshire State House which was built in 1819 and known as the oldest state capitol; Story land park, currently spans about 35 acres.

Living in New Hampshire can be dreams come true as there are lots of fun and attractions in the state. The state is known to be the best place to hike, and can also boast of phenomenal beaches as there are a lot to swim in, fish, have a campout or go for a concert. In New Hampshire you can shop with no worries as there is no sales tax in the state and you can get the best price for your goods in the state. Living specifically in Portsmouth guarantees job opportunity as the unemployment rate in the city is low and there are always jobs available to do. Lastly, security in the state is assured as you will definitely feel safe and sound in New Hampshire.

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