Discover the Heart of America in Mississippi


Mississippi was first explored by the Spanish Hernando de Soto in 1540, and then discovered the Mississippi river. The land was later ceded to France. After the French and Indian war in 1763, Great Britain took over the land and after the revolutionary war 20 years after, the land was finally ceded to USA. Mississippi was the 20th state to join the union on December 10, 1817 and the name Mississippi was gotten from the Mississippi River which borders the state to the west. Mississippi suffered a lot during the American civil war which was caused as a result of their withdrawal from the state union in 1861. In the 20th century, the land of Mississippi was a battleground during the civil right movement, the state was also named among America's poorest state in early 21st century. Mississippi land area is 46,907 sq mi. in land area with 82 counties and over 3 million in population. The Magnolia State has Jackson as the largest city in the state. Other recognized cities includes; Gulfport , Southaven, Hattiesburg , Biloxi, Meridian, Tupelo, Greenville, Olive Branch, Horn Lake among others.

Mississippi is known for her river and a recognized leading producer of pond raised catfish in the world. Mississippi is also known for her involvement in the agricultural and industrial sector therefore diversifying its economy into this sector. Mississippi is also known as the second top producer of cotton in the country as Texas is known as the leading producer. Other farmland products in the state include meat animals, pecans corn, peanuts, rice, sugar cane, and sweet potatoes, poultry, feed crops, eggs, dairy products, and horticultural crops.

With lots of historic battlefield and interesting sight, Mississippi has over 38 national landmarks, some of this land marks includes Beauvoir meaning beautiful view, located in Harrison County, serves as the post war home from 1876 to 1889; Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum, the birthplace of Elvis Presley located in Tupelo, Lee County; Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum created in 1986; Mississippi Museum of Natural Science featuring aquariums, nature trails and so on; Mississippi State Capitol completed in 1903, it is also the Governor's office; Mississippi State Penitentiary; Natchez National Historical Park; Old Capitol Museum, used as the statehouse from 1839 to 1903; Tupelo National Battlefield; Vicksburg National Military Park, a popular site during the American civil war.

Everything in Mississippi has a historic significance, this is the believe of the citizens of Mississippi. Living in Mississippi won't be a regret if given a trial. The summer in the state is somehow long and you experience a little bit of winter. If you are considering of living in a religious state, then you should consider moving to Mississippi as the people in the state are super religious. Fishing is a major occupation in the state, due to the availability of water sources, and people eat more of catfish in the state. Living in Mississippi during the Christmas period guarantee fun and will be an interesting period. Lastly, the word "Friendlessness" resides in every citizen heart.

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