Minnesota is no exception when it comes to historic landmarks.


The French explorers Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet, and Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, were the first to claim the land of Minnesota in year 1679. Minnesota was admitted into the state union as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858 with St. Paul as the capital. After the revolutionary war, the Eastern part of Minnesota was acquired by the US government from the British government and the western part of the sate was bought 20 years after in the Louisiana purchase deal of 1803. The unofficial name of the state is 'The land of 10,000 lakes' due to its numerous number of lakes. The official name is known as 'Star of the north' as the state is the second most northernmost American 50 states with Alaska ranking first. Minnesota has some beautiful cities like Minneapolis which is the largest city in the state, others include St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, St. Cloud, Eagan, Woodbury amongst others. Minnesota is the 12th largest state in America boasting of 79,610 sq mi. in land area, and over 87 counties with over 5.7 million people in population.

Minnesota is known to be the trade center in the Midwest and the world's largest grain and super computer distributor. The state is also known to be rich in mineral resources and producer of some farm products like oats, soybeans, butter, green peas, eggs, milk, potatoes, barley, and livestock. The state is also popular for its beautiful attraction and tourist center which is a source of revenue for the state.

Minnesota is no exception when it comes to historic landmarks. These includes The American Swedish Institute, a museum created to educate people on the historic role of America and Sweden; A 186 feet tall Cathedral of Saint Paul, National Shrine of the Apostle Paul; F. Scott Fitzgerald House aka Summit Terrace, this was where the manuscript of Fitzgerald first novel "This side of Paradise" was rewritten; Greyhound Bus Museum; Mall of America, having over 520 stores and 4.2 million sq ft. gross area; Mill City Museum, located in Hennepin county and was opened in 2003; Minnesota State Capitol which was completed in 1905; Minnesota Zoo opened in 1978; Northern Pacific Depot - Hinckley Fire Museum; A 125 acres Valley fair Amusement Park with over 74 rides and attraction and located in Scott county.

When you consider most things in all state in America, Minnesota will definitely be one of the best state for you to live in. Living in Minnesota guarantees sport excitement if you are a sport fan, Minnesota locally made ice cream is top notched. The cost of living in this state is low as there are employment opportunities from over 500 companies. Minnesota is known to be a state where the party lifestyle do not go wrong, the people of the state do know how to plan a party. Minnesota is known to have a good summer weather, the state summer time is also filled with festivals. Lastly, the state university is the most affordable institution in the country. The above and more are more of the reason you should consider moving to Minnesota.

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