Discover the Charm of Maryland in the United States


Located at the middle of the Eastern Seaboard, Maryland is one of the 13 colonies and borders Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware to its south, west, north; and east respectively. The state was the 7th state to be created and was admitted into the union on April 28, 1788. The Englishmen were the first to settle on the land as most of them were Roman Catholics hence granting all Christians in the state Toleration act due to the religious freedom in 1649. The state became a slave state during the civil war but was still in the union. Maryland's largest city is Baltimore and other famous cities in the state includes Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Frederick, Ellicott City, Dundalk, Rockville amidst others. The capital of Maryland is Annapolis. With over 24 counties, the state is one of the smallest in terms of land area with 12,406 sq mi. in capacity and one of the most populated state in the country with over 6.2 million people as at the 2024 census.

Maryland is known for its popular attractions, the popular John Hopkins Hospital and University is located in the state, Baltimore to be specific. Annapolis is also the home of the US Naval Academy. Maryland also boast of some agricultural products which includes chickens, greenhouse and nursery products, dairy products, soybeans and eggs. Mineral products in the state includes cement Stone, coal, sand, clay and gravel. Maryland is also known to be the 8th to legalize gay marriage in 2012.

Landmarks in Maryland includes, The American Visionary Art Museum which is a 35,000-square-foot, 3 story building; Antietam National Battlefield, this battlefield had 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded and missing on September 17, 1862; Armistead Monument, erected in 1882 in honor of the commander of Fort McHenry, Colonel George Armistead; Baltimore Civil War Museum, located in Baltimore; Baltimore Museum of Art, designed by the architect John Russell Pope in the 1920s; A 39 feet tall Battle Monument in honor of the battle of Baltimore in year 1812; Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine; Baltimore's Inner Harbor; Maryland State House, it is the largest wooden dome in the country built without nails; Reginald F Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History and Culture, located in cork county; The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore; A 34 feet tall Washington Monument State Park; 1.7 miles Howard Street Tunnel, Harbor Tunnel; Frostburg State University Arboretum.

Do you agree with the saying that says good things come in small sizes, if you don't agree, then living in Maryland will change your mindset. If you are a lover of crab, consider moving to Maryland as the state have the best crab in the world, living in the states guarantees experience of all four seasons. There are more Mountains, beaches, farmland, and cities, the state is closer to the country's capital (Washington DC). You can brag about having the best hospital (John Hopkins Hospital) in the country when you live in Maryland. There are so many attractions also in the state that you can't keep your eyes from. So what do you say about Maryland?

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