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Maine known to be the Canadian border situated at the northeastern region of the country was once part of Massachusetts state before joining the union on March 15, 1820 as the 23rd state. The state is bordered by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec and also by New Hampshire. The origin of the state name came from being used to distinguish the offshore islands from the mainland, which was been considered a compliment to the queen of Charles I of England Henrietta Maria. She is also believed to own the . province in France. The English men were the first to settle down on the land and the state witnessed the 1775 revolutionary war. The state is bordered by New Hampshire, the Atlantic Oceanto, the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the west, east, and to the east and north respectively. The state has 35,384 square miles in land area and over 1.4 million people in population and with 16 counties.

The state is known to be one of the largest pulp paper producer in the world, with a lot of products from wood. The state is also know to have recorded a bad natural disaster called the ice storm in 1998 which causes lost of lives and damages to house and properties. The state is also known to be a major producer of lobsters and blueberries in the country and also recognized as one of the leading producer of the familiar flat tins of sardines in the world with 75million produced annually.

Landmarks in Maine includes The Acadia National Park in Hancock county which was named in the honour of two good friends; Funtown Splashtown USA, which is known as funtown featuring wooden roller coaster, longest and tallest log flume, Thunder Falls, and Excalibur; Maine Discovery Museum which is a children museum located in Penobscot County; Maine State House located in Kennebec County; Viles Arboretum which is a 5 miles botanical garden; The Blaine House, which is the official Governor's house; Seashore Trolley Museum, which is a mass transit museum and happens to be the oldest and largest; Portland Head Light, which is a historic lighthouse; Penobscot Marine Museum, the oldest maritime museum; Old Port filled with restaurants, boutiques and bars.

Living in one of America's finest state will be a really good experience. The state guarantees safety as crime rate in the state is very low, and its a state where laws are really many hence minimizing or perhaps curbing out crimes. There are so many trees as there are more forested areas in Maine. Statistics has shown that people that go to jail are few. If you love potatoes, Maine might just be your home as the state is a large producer of potato. The state is also always the first to see the sunrise. The cheapest auto insurance is in Maine and people make use of boats as the rate of boat ownership in the state is high. If Maine is a place where you will love then start searching for home to live.

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