Explore the Beauty of Kentucky in the United States of America


Kentucky was formally part of Virginia but was admitted into statehood on June 1, 1792 as the 15th state. Located at the south central region of United States of America, Kentucky was first explored by the American pioneers James Harrod, Daniel Boone in 1774 and 1767 respectively. During the civil war Kentucky was supplying both the confederate forces and the union forces and with thousands of troops which makes the state lie in the middle during the war. Kentucky is known as the bluegrass state and borders seven states which are West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, and Ohio to the east, southeast, south, west, northwest, north and northeast respectively. The only state to border eight states and touch more states is Missouri and Tennessee. Kentucky is 39,728 sq mi. bigger in land area with over 120 counties in the state and have over 4.6 million people in population.

Kentucky is known to be a producer in some of the country's best tobacco, and whiskey and horse as they are lover of horses. Agricultural products produced in the state includes soybeans, corn, wheat, hogs, fruit, diary products and cattle. The state is also known to be site for US military bases. Kentucky also loves bluegrass music and love taking part in horse races. The state is also known in manufacturing of some products including motor vehicles, lumber, furniture, machineries, textiles, iron and steel products. Kentucky is also known to be a producer of petroleum and natural gas.

Kentucky is reach in landmarks like The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, where Abraham Lincoln was born and stayed there until the age of 7; Churchill Downs, the annual Kentucky derby is hosted here; Kentucky Horse Park, with the hope to improve human - horse relationship; Kentucky State Capitol; Mammoth Cave National Park, it is the world's longest cave system; Mary Todd Lincoln House, the home of the wife of former president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln; A 7 - acre Riverfront Plaza/Belvedere, featuring mountains, an ice-skating rink and skaters; Waverly Hills Sanatorium aimed for tuberculosis patients and was opened in year 1926; Ashland; Big Bone Lick State Park, mammoth were believed to be drawn to this park by deposition of salt lick; Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

Living in Kentucky makes hunting your hobby as everything is hunt able in the state from bobcat to turkey, to coyote, river otter, squirrel and other animals. The Kentucky derby festival is taken seriously in the states and it guarantees 100% fun and excitement. Citizens of the state are known to be calm, kind and friendly and they are also educated and civilized, so living in their gathering shouldn't be a problem for you. If you love rock climbing, you should consider moving to Kentucky. The state have some interesting attractions to see like the Cumberland Falls and others and the state is also a tourist center for awesome landmarks. Considering most things, Kentucky is definitely a home sweet home.

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