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Before Kansas gained statehood, it took a very long period and was bloody and full of war. Kansas was admitted to the statehood as the 34th state on January 29, 1861. The Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado was the first to go through the land, but it was later ceded to the French in 1682 and then to the Spanish in 1763. in 1800, the land was reverted to the French. The land was then purchased by the U.S. in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Deal. Before the Civil War, there was bloodshed in the land due to the war between pro- and anti-slavery forces, which brought about the name Bleeding Kansas. During the Civil War, statistics show that the state of Kansas suffered the highest rate of brutal casualties among any Union state. The capital of Kansas is Topeka. The state of Kansas is 81,815 sq mi. in land area, with over 3 million people in population in 2024. The state also houses 105 counties.

Kansas is known to be a major producer of wheat in the country. The state was then referred to as “The Wheat Capital of the World,” as one of the state county known as "Sumner County" produced over 9 million bushels in the year 2009. One of the largest city in Kansas called "Wichita" is known to be one of the country's leading aircraft - manufacturing centers, making it all the way to the first to be reckoned with in production of private aircraft. Kansas state is also recognized in the production of petroleum and a leading producer of helium.

The landmarks in Kansas are of high prestige and they include; OZ museum, founded in April 2004, the museum houses the largest public display of Oz memorabilia in existence; Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad, offering the public train rides for excursion; The Kansas State Capitol, this is the only Capitol in the country that still offers dome tours; Agriculture Hall of Fame, which serves a s a museum for agricultural purposes; Kansas Cosmo sphere and Space Center, this center houses collection of space artifacts which is the 2nd largest in the world; Greyhound Hall of Fame; Big Well, it is the world's largest hand dug well; Brown Grand Opera House; Iowa Indian Reservation; Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum, a presidential museum and where the 34th president of USA was laid to rest; Chase County Kansas Courthouse.

If you want to live in a state that has a good taste on art, consider moving to Kansas. You might have also hear people speak about the friendliness of the people of Kansas. BBQ is greatly loved and cherished in Kansas, if you love hunting, Kansas is a place for you to live as people in the state do hunt and are gun owners. Living in Kansas will make you experience the waterslide which is the world's tallest waterslide. One thing you must know is that Kansans are very patriotic, as the civilians supports the military forces wholeheartedly which explains how friendly and awesome the people can be.

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