Indiana is the 19th US state with its capital in Indianapolis


Admitted to the state of union as the 19th state on Dec. 11, 1816 with its capital known as Indianapolis. Indiana is regarded as the crossroads of America as it boarders Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois to the north, east, south, west respectively. The land of Indiana was first explored by a French men named Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, and later overtaken by the British due to the battle of the land by the Franco - British war in 1763. Indiana became America territory after the revolutionary war led by the American forces in which America won. But there was conflict in the land between the white migrant and the native American tribes, but the war was ended by William Henry Harrison. Before and during the civil war the families in Indiana played a major role by providing shelter for runaway slaves. With over 92 counties, Indiana is given the name 'Land of the Indians', Indiana occupies 35,867 sq mi. in land area and with over 6 million people in population as at 2015.

The state of Indiana is known to be a front runner in the agriculture sector with the production of the principal crop which is corn and some other crops like soybeans, oats, rye, hogs, wheat, poultry, tomatoes, and onions contributing to the sector. Indiana also has one of the world's greatest industrial centers in lake Michigan's waterfront. Indiana is also a large producer of coal and also has limestone quarry which is majorly used in USA and regarded as limestone capital of the world.

Indiana have some great landmarks which includes; The Town of Santa Claus which was established in the year 1854; A 1358 acre Spring Mill State Park, Soldiers and Sailors Monument designed in Indianapolis by a German which serves as a museum during the civil war; Owen J. Bush Stadium, the home to Indianapolis Indians and some league teams; Tippecanoe Battlefield Park, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art; Indiana Statehouse which was designed like a cross; Indianapolis Motor Speedway for racing; Indianapolis Museum of Art which is one of the oldest and largest in the country; Levi Coffin House; Huddleston Farmhouse Inn Museum which serves as a place of rest for travelers that uses the Cumberland road also known as the national road.

Living in Indiana is a whole lot of fun, with lots of things to do and lots of places to go. Living in Indiana will be an advantage for your children to learn new things by going to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis which is the best children museum in the country. With the help of Skywalks you might not need to walk outside in Indiana. If you love the colour blue, then you might want to live in Indiana, because in the state, the color is always blue. Oh yeah, for your information, Santa Clause lives in Indiana. Living in Indiana guarantees enjoyment as there are state fairs, county fairs and town fairs almost all times. Lasting, hunting is not a big problem in Indiana. So why wouldn't you want to live in Indiana?

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