Illinois fondly called the land of Lincoln was first explored by the French


Illinois fondly called land of Lincoln was first explored by the French, and was the first European on the land. The land of Lincoln was then overtaken by the British due to the French and Indian war in 1763. After the revolutionary war, the territory of Illinois was overtaken by America. Illinois got statehood on December 3 1818, the state is linked with Erie Canal and located on lake Michigan. With over 102 counties, Illinois is 55,584 sq mi. in land area and has over 12.8 million people in population as at 2015.

The state's history includes the influx of settlers after the opening of the Erie Canal in the year 1825 also he Black Hawk War, which brought the Indian troubles to an end in the area, another major history is the rise of Abraham Lincoln to president from a farm laborer.

Oil production, coal mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and oil production are of high standard in the state. Agricultural products produced in the state include hay, oats, wheat, sorghum, and cattle, and a leading producer in soybeans, hogs and corn.

Illinois is known for so many things and achievement in the country. The state is known to have the world's first skyscraper, going down the political lane, Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to abolish the act of slavery in 1865. In the area of science, the first nuclear reactor was done in the state whereby some scientists and engineers came together to show that graphite bricks and lumps of uranium could produce controlled heat which was practiced in a court under the university of Chicago football stadium. Chicago is also known to have the world's largest cookie and cracker factory.

Landmarks in the state includes; the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum which was built to educate people on Lincoln's life and the civil war, Abraham Lincoln Tomb where Abraham Lincoln was laid to rest, Ayer Public Library(the first tax supported library in Illinois), Chicago Water Tower, Columbus Park which is a masterpiece of a renowned architect, Everett Dirksen Monument which was built to honor the life of Everett Dirksen, Illinois State Capitol (the tallest non skyscraper capitol in the country, Lincoln Square Theatre built with solid fireproof wall, Peoria Waterworks Purification Facility, Third Street Bridge which is the oldest metal truss bridge in the state, Sears Tower which was the world's tallest building for 25 year (1973-Field, Wrigley Field, Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, Chicago Midway International Airport, Delavan National Guard Armory. Living in Illinois guarantees fun, as the state is rich in music festivals and is the home to best music festivals in the country, music festivals like spring Awakening, Summer Camp, and definitely Lollapalooza and Chicago is the home of most of this festivals. If you are a lover of pizza pie, then Illinois should be your home as the state has deep affection for pizza. The people of the state cherish the hockey sport just like the Canadians. And finally if you are willing to live in Illinois, do have your toll change with you.

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