Idaho became the 43rd state of USA on July 3, 1890


Idaho was admitted to the union as the 43rd state on July 3 1890. Bordered by Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah, and Washington and Oregon to the northeast, east, south, west, north respectively.

Idaho was formerly part of the Oregon country controlled by Great Britain and United States. Idaho became US settlements when the dispute with great Britain was settled by the Oregon treaty. Idaho is the 14th largest state and the 39th most populous state in the country and the capital known as Boise.

Agriculture is a major sector in the state and a major producer of potatoes. Other agricultural products in the state include wheat, sugar beets, hops, apples, corn and barley. The state is popularly known as the "gem state" because different type of gemstone can be found in the state. The state boast of 82,747 sq mi. in land area and with over 1.6million people in population. With lots of scenic mountains, rivers, outdoor attractions, and lakes the state receives over 20 million tourists every year.

Apart from potatoes, Idaho state is also known for various things like having the longest main street in the united states of America, also the state is known to have various company headquarters like micron technology in the capital state Boise. Idaho is also known to have more wilderness than any other state, with the highest number of wildlife of different kinds. also known to have the snake river gauge. In Idaho it is forbidden to give a box of candy of more than 50 pounds to another citizen of the state.

Landmarks in Idaho includes; Bear River Massacre Monument which was erected by the daughters of Utah pioneers in honor of the Battle of Bear River, Borah Peak which is the tallest mountain in the state, Silverwood Theme Park (an amusement park), Shoshone Ice Caves which was once a source of ice for the people of Shoshone, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, Idaho Potato Museum which educate people on the role of potatoes in a country's growth, Hells Canyon known as the longest river gauge in North America, Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Cataldo Mission (a church and the oldest standing building in the state), City of Rocks National Reserve which is a rock climbing area, and a place where rock formations take place and lots more.

If you are a lover of potatoes, you should consider moving to the gem state. Idaho is not only known for its potatoes, fishing and farming is also a famous occupation. Most people living in this state are known to know how to shoot gun as hunting is a major occupation and they have the belief of self defense. If you know how to handle the wheels, you should also considering living in Idaho, since most of them do drive tractors which brought about the courage behind the wheels. Idaho culture also enhance caring for the family.

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