Georgia has some of the most amazing landmarks in the USA


The peach state (Georgia) as fondly called was created on January 2 1788, and was one of the 13 English colonies, Georgia happens to be the youngest of them all. Georgia was first explored by the Spanish Hernando de Soto but the British overtook the land in the bloody march battle in 1742. Georgia was a confederate stronghold and was the center stage during the civil war for military actions. Georgia is the largest state to the east of Mississippi river. Georgia landscape extends from Appalachian Mountains in the northern region to part of the Atlantic coast on the southeastern region and to Okefenokee Swamp in the southern region.

Occupying 57,906 sq mi in land area and with over 10 million people in population, Georgia is the sole producer of paper and board, marble, bauxite, kaolin, barite and other textile products. The state major also in various agricultural products like cotton, corn, soybeans. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.

Georgia is well known for its tourist attractions, the state is also known to be the home town of former president of united states Jimmy Carter. The tourist attraction in the state includes the stone mountain which was carved with the images of distinguish Southern leaders during the Civil War: Robert E. Lee Jefferson Davis, , and Stonewall Jackson. The state is also known to have the world`s largest aquarium and not also forgetting that the state capital (Atlanta) is the home of the coca cola company. In the area of sports, the state posses two strong football teams in Georgia Tech University and University of Georgia.

Georgia landmarks are great as they include; African American Panoramic Experience Museum that was built to educate people about the Africans American story; World of Coca-Cola which is a museum and opened to the public on may 24 2007 aimed to tell the story of the company, United States Penitentiary Atlanta which is a prison for male inmates, Museum of Design Atlanta which is the only museum in the southeastern region of the country, Forsyth Park which is the largest park known to be in the savannah created on 10 acres of land, the Florence Martus Waving Girl Monument, the Centennial Olympic Park which was built for the 1996 Olympic games, the Bonaventure Cemetery, Big Chicken (the famous KFC), Atlanta History Center with the largest civil war artifacts, Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum.

Georgia is known for its material culture, environment, folk culture, geography, smells, and sights. Living in Georgia will be a great experience for you, you tend to get sweet tea in every restaurant in the state, you should also know that alcohol sale is not allowed on Sunday. The state is also filled with nice and interesting people that will help yo get by daily. Considering the state weather, its somehow hot and humid in summer, but generally the weather in the state is conducive.

It should also interest you to know that the northerners in the state are always in a hurry and a little bit impatient, they are also called the "Yankees" . These and more are what you enjoy and see when you live in Georgia

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