Discover the Charms of Delaware, the 49th State in the USA


Delaware is the 49th state in USA with an area of 1,982 square miles and a population just over one million people according to 2024 census. It is popularly known as the First State because it was the first of all the states in America to approve the constitution of the United States of America on December 7, 1787, which signifies that the state ‘Delaware' was the first state to be created in USA, thereby becoming known as the ‘First state'. The state named was hence derived from Delaware River, which in turn derived its name from Thomas West, the third Baron De La Warr who was the then ruling governor of the colony of Virginia at the time the Europeans first explored the Delaware river. Delaware adopted the state flag on July 24, 1913 and the state seal is known to be enclosed in a buff diamond on a colonial blue background.

The state is organized into three counties called New Castle, Kent and Sussex, all was established in the year 1682. Its population and industries are concentrated in the northern side, around Wilmington. Delaware is 96miles long and extends from 9miles to 35miles across, making the total area to estimated to 1,954 square miles which makes the state to be the second smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island state. The capital of Delaware is Dover. Among Delaware's many historic churches is the Old Swedes Church which has been in use since its completion in 1698. The longest twin span suspension bridge in the world is Delaware Memorial Bridge that connects Delaware with New Jersey. Delaware is the only state in the United states of America without any known national parks. It has the highest population of African-American residents of any state in the northern part of Maryland.

There are some unique The Claymont stone school which is also called the naaman’s creek school, Darley house which is the former home of the iconic illustrator F.O.C Darley, Delaware center of horticulture which was built to promote learning in the state, Mount Cuba center an historical botanical garden with numerous plant collections, Winterthur museum, block house which was then built in self defense against the local Indians in 1654.

Delaware is a nice and simple place to live, especially if you are a retiree, living in the state is not hectic and it has charming environments and beautiful weather, education is cheaper and the state is business friendly. According to history, Delaware was nicknamed The Diamond State by Thomas Jefferson because he referred to it as a Jewel among the states since it is located on the Eastern Seaboard. There are a lot of shopping experience in the state. You can be sure of good tax rate, top notch security and lots of cultural opportunities to get. In Delaware you have the liberty and independence that you so desire which is the state motto.

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