Explore the Enchanting Charms of Connecticut, USA


Connecticut is popularly known as the Constitution State in the southern part of the USA, with an area of 5,544 square miles and a population of 3,6 million people. It is known to be the third smallest state by land mass, and the 29th most populous. It got its name from the eastern Algonquin Indian word ‘Quinnitukqut’ meaning beside the long tidal river which refers to the Connecticut River, It entered the union in 1788. Dutchman Adrian Block was the first to explore the Connecticut Valley. In 1633, English colonists came from Massachusetts to settle Windsor which was the first settlement in Connecticut also with settlements in Wethersfield and Hartford, with the two coming together to form the Connecticut Colony in the year 1636. Connecticut share border with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Long Island Soun. Its capital is known to be Hartford which is also the third largest city, and the most populous city is known to be Bridgeport. Other major cities in the state include New Haven, Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Norwalk, New Britain, and Bristol.

Connecticut landscape looks very young compared to most of the world. Because of no-lead gas and emissions controls, Connecticut's air is virtually free of airborne lead and with outstanding climate. It is a state where you will get warm and humid summers. with plenty of sunshine and the sub-tropical storm to cool the atmosphere down, spectacular colors of gold and brown in winters where snow can lay on the ground for a long time. Although Connecticut as a state has a long maritime history and a reputation based on that as Connecticut does not have direct access to the sea.

Connecticut was known to be the first producer of nuclear-powered submarines. The first car insurance in America is issued at one of the city called Hartford in 1898. Also the first law on automobile was passed in the year 1901 and was set at 12 miles per hour in speed limit and in 1937, Connecticut was the first state to issue license plates to cars permanently.

This state has two solid economy activities which is agriculture and industry. In agriculture, the state is based on dairy products, cattle rearing, eggs production and nursery stock. Their industry is based on manufacturing of transportation equipment, machinery, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, chemical products and scientific instruments. The good thing about living in Connecticut is that the state has charm, beauty sites and a high standard of living; it is a place with several areas of natural beauty with mountains, and wonderful green countryside right before you. Connecticut has the most luxurious homes in the Northeast, and second most in the nation. Connecticut is a small state but from anywhere you can hop in a car or on a train and be anywhere within few hours, Getting around Connecticut is very easy, there are major roads, rails and bus links that can take you to all the major towns and cities in the state. There are plenty of things to partake in if you decide to move to state. Connecticut system of state parks and forests, state boat launches and waterways spring up many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy various activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, boating and picnicking and also holds the largest casino house in the country.

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